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  1. Josh lloyd also told everyone to sell high on Chris Boucher a few weeks ago.
  2. He's gonna force me to trade Gobert. I'm way overloaded on blocks. Didn't expect him to put out like this. #goodproblems..
  3. U punting free throws too? Also three pointers?
  4. You sound kinda stupid. Trae's taking the same shots and playing the same way that made him a consensus top 10 fantasy pick this year. They just aren't going in. He'll likely turn it around soon. Unless he's hiding some injury. In which case it's going to be a long season. But don't expect him to change the way he plays. The logo shots have been his bread and butter since he got here.
  5. He's clearly been playing hurt. He had that one great game to start the season. Since then he's been horrible. There was a play in the first game where he dove for a ball. I wonder if he hurt his wrist then. He's never been remotely this bad. They need to shut him down for a few games.
  6. As long as he averages 20 a game he'll have midround value.
  7. If he can get that fg% at least in the 42% range he'll be a great value this season.
  8. I guess we're just different. I personally reserve my bench spots for players who can step in and be productive right now. Not interested in hopes and dreams. RJ has done nothing in the nba or in college to make me believe that a breakout is coming. I only drafted him because he was great in the last couple weeks of the season and in the preseason. If the light has clicked on for him he wouldn't be slumping like this. So until he has a prolonged run of productivity I'm done.
  9. I think he'll get the lion's share on most nights. The exceptions being the big bigs. Owners just need to put in a little more work and check the matchups.
  10. That's not true. He only played 2 minutes initially then was benched till much later and only played 3 minutes. I don't think they planned to use him much from the outset. Philly has a, lot of size so they needed match that. Just bench him whenever they play Philly.
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