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  1. 14 teams, 3 keepers (keep forever no contracts), points league. Gave Vlad, Mikolas, Meadows, for Cole, Chapman Caleb Smith. Im in 1st by 2 games and this is my year to win. Keepers are 2 bats Yordan and Soto and 1SP Buehler. My new Playoff rotation can be Cole, Ryu, Buehler, Paddack, Woodruff. RP: Chapman and Either Trenien or Caleb smith if I need an extra start with 10 max. Vlad is replaced with a combo of Moustakas, Mcneil, Chapman at 2b/3b. Was this a good move to help me win this year? I really hate to give Vlad in a keep forever but I feel like this makes my pitching far supe
  2. Yeah I'd do it, I see at least 5 solid keepers on your team already as might as well take the picks if your in 11th.
  3. Was just wondering this. I searched for an announcement and couldn’t find anything.
  4. 12 Team 35 man Roster Keep all 35. Short 5 round draft doesn't mean much. As title says, would you do this? I don't have to drop anyone as I have a roster spot open as of today, but is he worth the #1 waiver?
  5. Please don’t drop ryu. And no don’t drop Chapman he will come around.
  6. Yup just bought him for that reason. It’s down 85 points from last season, 80 points from 2017 and he’s still raking. If he improves from here what are we thinking ROS?
  7. Some negotiating and have an accepted trade. i get Eddie, upton, Luis urais i give didi verdugo james would you say that’s a win or pretty even? My main concern is to win this year so I’m pretty happy with it.
  8. If instead of Amed, if I can get Justin Upton would you do that? He's in last place rebuilding.Not sure if this is possible but worth a try, he wants all 3 of my guys as of now.
  9. 12 Team 35 man roster Keep up to 35. H2H points scoring. Keep forever with no contracts. I'm in total win now mode. Do this? Current SS: Villar, profar, DiDi, Escobar. Eddie will replace Verdugo everyday. I get Eddie Rosario and Amed Rosario. I give DiDi, Josh James, Verdugo
  10. Trade is accepted and I got bregman. Thanks for the help guys. Going into next year (I know it’s early) what two would you keep out of him lindor and judge?
  11. Yeah he won’t budge on trout, Harper would’ve had to have been playing mvp level for that unfortunately. But yeah I think Bregman is solid to fit into my team position wise. I tried hard when Trout signed the extension since this guy was convinced trout was going to sign with philly eventually, but obviously that isn’t happening now.
  12. They are die hard philly fan who loves the idea of Harper for next 10 years. I haven’t paid much attention to baseball this year so I wanted to ask others opinion! Thanks. I was praying Harper would be mvp level and that I’d pry trout from him for Harper package since he is a huge philly fan but that’s hasn’t worked out.
  13. Trade my Harper for bregman in a keep 2 forever league. 8x8 not obp. I’m in 2nd place and my other keeper options going forward are lindor and judge. Bregman replaces Christian walker in 1b/3b slot. Puig/ Jose Martinez replaces Harper in OF on daily basis and we start 5 OF. Make the trade? Current OF: Harper, Beni, Haniger, Puig, Domingo Santana, Jose Martinez, Judge (IL).
  14. The one day all year I forget to set my lineups and I sit Paddack, Mikolas, and Scherzer.... luckily I’m playing the 0-5 team this week.
  15. Dynasty points league. I’m in win now mode and with an abundance of hitting I’ve been sitting Puig every day. Dozier was a waiver wire add last week for bench depth. I give Puig/dozier I get Price/ one of yordan alvarez or Kyle Wright do this?
  16. As a dynasty league owner I’m fine with him staying in the minors another few weeks. Let him get back to where he was in the Arizona fall league where he was obviously the top prospect in baseball. I just want to see him get at bats. At this point idc where he gets them or what level of baseball he plays at. For everyone wanting him up now, I know the defense excuse feels played out but as fantasy owners we stare at his numbers and that’s it. If the blue jays think it’s a legitimate concern then so be it. They are writing his checks for the next 7 years so I’m fine with whatever d
  17. Does anyone know how many games he’s played at SS this season? I can’t seem to find the espn tracker anywhere
  18. I considered selling high in a dynasty but it’s just not worth it. He has 30 home run floor with... 50 home run upside?
  19. Left the ESPN auction draft for 30 seconds and it puts up Nimmo for me and auto bids $7 to get him when I didn’t even have him in the quene. Later in the draft I get Domingo Santana for a dollar but the commish wouldn’t let us change lineups after the draft since two games were already played. Nimmo gets locked into our weekly lineups and Santana stuck on my bench. Santana has 48 and Nimmo now has -5 for the entire scoring period and I’m going to lose because of this.
  20. Thanks for helping with mine I understand points leagues best I’m not great with category leagues (evident by my post asking for help lol) but my opinion would be no I wouldn’t. I don’t see Klueber falling off a cliff and he’s a top 25 guy this year imo. That’s enough for me to say no to this deal.
  21. He’s 100% down if I add Hader. You think that’s a solid deal for me?
  22. 10 team 8X8 H2H keep 2 forever. I kept Harper and Judge this year and decided not to keep Bergman. Now the die hard Phillies fan wants Harper. He offered give me Bregman and Soto for Harper but wants another guy thrown in. He wants Hader but he’s my only closer I’m basically punting saves and playing the waiver for pitching. What would you do and who would you throw in? he also has trout who I’ve been trying to pry away and now that he won’t be a philly this may be my chance but for a guy who over values Harper who else could I throw in? my team: C astudill
  23. 12 team points 35 man rosters. You keep your entire roster forever if you’d like with no contracts. Hampson was dropped should I use the #1 waiver? It’s ESPN so almost all top 100 prospects are owned. I’d basically be hoping for someone else to drop a better candidate this year, but is hampson for the rest of his career worth it with what we have seen to this point? I know it’s kind of a toss up because we haven’t seen much MLB playing time but that’s why I’m asking!
  24. Agree with the sentiment here that Rogers should be owned. Also I think you should do exactly this. Minter should be back very soon
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