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  1. 4.5 YPC but really no Stafford, no coaches so this one was brutal for all lions players. He had a great dead leg move early on and looked solid minus the fumble. I won’t if he’ll be draft as a top 12/14 rb next year. Going to have to see who gets the head coaching gig
  2. Is he under contract next year? Can he be the new Mostert (minus the injuries)? Seems unlikely but worth asking...
  3. If he comes back this week I think most managers won't have the ability to bench him... Could make for some tough decisions. ESPN is projecting him for 0 so my early guess is there isn't a lot of optimism around his status as of now.
  4. That’s weird, Bevell thinks his best chance to win is AP? Something must be in the water in Detroit... I keep asking if they’re aware that Swift is there best player and I keep getting taught that they in fact aren’t aware.
  5. Agree, if this happened during practice how awful to have something this severe happen. I guess he needs to take it day by day but it's just a time based recovery like anything else. 3+ weeks of symptoms... wow.
  6. This is starting to strike me as bizarre... I'm glad he's taking the time to get right, but a 3 week concussion that occurred mysteriously. I don't know, but this sounds somewhat severe.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving D’Andre Swift, looking forward to having you back and healthy when you are ready. Got a great career ahead of you and everyone in this thread who owns you is thankful for you! Also it should be obvious but don’t y’all think Swift is bummed too? One of the (few) joys of being a Lion is gaming for that galloping gobbler. You’ll have many more opportunities in the future young man.
  8. 100% right he needs to clear protocol to return to the field in any capacity. Limited participation should mean he’s clear; when you have a concussion the prescribed way to get healthy is essentially “do nothing”. If he’s in there in any capacity you should feel good about him on Turkey day.
  9. Well he was #7 in .5 PPR before this game so...
  10. It’s pretty likely he’s back for Turkey day right? It stinks because he’s probably my favorite “my guy” to watch on Sunday for me this year, but hope he can run train next week.
  11. These lists have some good ones, thanks for sharing y'all! What are peoples thoughts on the Dynasty Nerds? I feel like they sometimes have a really hard time moving off their initial evals. They were smitten with Dobbins and have not adjusted their rookie rb ranks to reflect how good Swift has been whatsoever.
  12. If you're looking for a more up and coming show I really like the Don Juan's of Dynasty. Their podcast is more heavily tilted towards Dynasty Leagues but their insight is really helpful even in redraft if you're looking for 2021 players that are likely to have value spikes. They also still review week to week trends as well and how it's affecting player value. Overall I find it to be a good listen. Their most recent episode takes around 15 players and discusses if luck, situation or skill is causing them to produce or not produce. For example is JT not producing because of skill or
  13. I'd say next year these backs go ahead of him: CMC, Cook, Barkley, Kamara, Elliot (he's been yucky but if they resign Dak he should be a safe floor), Jones, Henry Then we hit the Sanders, Chubb, Jacobs Tier and it depends how spicy someone wants to get. Also James Robinson... Can't deny what he's done.
  14. Dude what's you're deal? Very few QBs are perfect at throwing to ALL parts of the field, you stated "he's inaccurate", that's strange, I just showed during his MVP year he was very accurate. So yea, he has room to improve... What are we disagreeing about?
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