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  1. Absolutely. Those injuries seem to be "coincidental", but at a certain point it passes that and you just have to chalk up a guy as incapable of staying healthy due to playing style or just a physical propensity to be injured. Again, there was not much in his track record to suggest he was a guy that would be prone to breaking down. I invested in acquiring him for CF so I obviously still have faith in him, but also have 3 other CFs on my roster, showing the doubts do remain.
  2. Joe Musgrove is nothing like a RP/6th starter type. I guess some people just don't watch the guys they comment on.
  3. Depth charts in January not provided by the organization are just fluff. As long as Senzel is healthy and shows his talent ala the first half of 2019 he will be nearly a full time starter. His hit tool is elite and he was overall pick #2 for a reason, and at no point in his ascension in the minors did he do anything other than rake. A sluggish 2nd half of 2019 due to hitting coach monkeying with his swing and a Covid year is no reason to think his ship has sailed. Akiyama did ZERO to prove he belongs slotted into that spot. At worst it will be open competition and all things equal I am b
  4. What the Rays are doing is not rocket science, nor do they KNOW Blake Snell is no longer any good. Yes, he had injuries in 2019, then 2020 was not a legitimate season while Snell had to spend 6 weeks getting ramped up, by the end of the season he looked like 2018 Snell. He is just 28, entering his prime. Snell is NOT Chris Archer. The Rays are not any smarter than anyone else. How many World Series titles do they have? What they are doing is making decisions purely from a financial perspective, however, they don't just give away guys, they keep reloading the farm, adding young talent, so
  5. I am a HUGE fan of this guy. This is the perfect example of how "prospect pedigree" does not always tell the tale. In 2019, Means showed impeccable control and a plus change up. His slider is also fairly workable. In 2019 he pitched to a sub 4 era, made the ASG pitching in Baltimore. He worked hard in the off season and in 2020 after recovering from a dead arm, the death of his father and a slow ramp up, literally pitched like an ace during the last few weeks. What was most interesting to me is Means sitting around 91 in 2019, came to camp showing improved velo. I thought it was hyp
  6. Bottom line is and I hated taking Snell out, but Tampa Bay is not even close to being in the Dodgers class, period and the vastly superior team won the world series. Which Rays position player could start for the Dodgers? There is your answer, I count at most 1.
  7. No ****. It's bad enough we are subjected to Man Choi hitting at the top of the lineup, now this. Cash should just have gotten out of the way. Make them beat your BEST, especially when your best is pitching like the best. Cash may have lost this World Series.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. That's my thing. I'd have a bunch of "nice" players minus that one stud/star. For the rights to Ozzie Albies I traded Austin Riley, Kevin Newman, Kyle Wright and Kolby Allard last year. A deal I'd still make.
  9. Thanks. My other players are Verdugo, Olson, Swanson, Senzel, Fletcher, McMahon, Kingery (uggh), Varsho, K Tucker. It's a 30 team league. I don't feel my hitting is that deep, although my team for our first 3 years of existence has been Top 10 (though I did miss the playoffs this year)
  10. Ozzie is my one superstar. Got an offer of Trent Grisham, Nick Solak or Austin Hays, plus another piece. Would this be trading a star for just a couple good players? Or should I look at it closer?
  11. Just read where he is moving to the bullpen.
  12. Nope. Cease is not going to be startable in the post-season. His command is dreadful. However, he is also only 24 years old and he does have elite stuff. Sox need to continue to develop him, but Dunning should get the call over him so long as he continues to impress.
  13. Mind boggling isn't it. Choi did absolutely NOTHING, NOTHING (other than two good swings against Gerrit Cole) yet they not only ran him every day to the detriment of a far superior hitter in Nate Lowe, but they gave him prime placement in the batting lineup. For as brilliant as the Rays can be, boy were they stupid with this one. Fortunately, the RIGHT guy is now in place, no matter the circumstances that allowed it to happen. Big power, good hit tool, elite discipline.
  14. I love all 3 of these guys, but Nate Lowe is rising up the charts with a bullet. Another 4 times on base today. He is settled in now, is getting his swing in place. The average should be solid, homers and slugging should be outstanding and OBP should be elite. Senzel may be coming back from COVID and while many players have come back strong, others (Scott Kingery) just have never been right. Senzel, given his propensity to step on the one nail in a million acre woodpile, despite his elite talent, must be avoided. Baez I have more faith in that Senzel, but there are plenty of star pl
  15. Good to see Senzel back. Would like to see him end season on a high note, it's clear [Akiyama] is no risk of taking his job, given health.
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