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  1. Just wondering if I was competing, which I am, why wouldn't I want the better SP? I get going after the "lesser pitcher". I have talks with an owner for Kershaw. He would cost me one of my SPs, but I wouldn't have to give up Michael Busch or Verdugo. It would be someone like Liberatore/Manning and Ryan Vilade or Rodolfo Castro type
  2. Ray owner here, short term he's the play, rebuild long term Rogers is the play. Honestly, I like both guys, but to me your question is pretty simple. Perhaps ask for a little sweetener, I assume the guy targeting Ray is pushing for the playoffs. How important are the playoffs? See if you can get him to add a little nugget.
  3. I don't understand. Are you asking about those guys? Are they available in your league? How can we know who is still available in your league? I like Cease better than those guys, but he comes with some risks too.
  4. If health Kershaw, but that's the rub. He is coming back, if you project him to be healthy he should be great.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I want him to give me a 2023 2nd round pick. His team is pretty good so it won't be a high 2nd I don't suspect but it just felt a bit uneasy for me. I am a huge Verdugo fan, but lets face it other than what should be a usually high average he won't wow you with steals or homers, I am thinking 20 homer/10 steals, for a CF/LF/RF guy that's credible, but not franchise altering, but some guys I just like and he's one (on a note I play two leagues and have him in both). With Pavin Smith, his versatility is as good as Verdugo and while he steals even less, there could
  6. Any explanation for Taylor Rogers stat line tonight?
  7. I have been offered Luis Castillo and Pavin Smith for Alex Verdugo and prospect Michael Busch and prospect Matt Liberatore (or Matt Manning) I am in a dog fight for the playoffs, while I have a good rotation I want Castillo to push me over. This trade seems fair doesn't it?
  8. Varsho is starting to come into shape as a young player at the big league level. He has experience at CF, C, LF, RF and even 2B. He is part of the future and this season is part of his develoment. There is no way in hell someone like Josh Reddick would take anything more than cursory at bats away from him. The ONLY thing that would keep Varsho out the lineup for a bottom feeding team (other than the occasional rest day) is if he went into a prolonged slump that would necessitate him being sent to AAA to recharge his swing (as they did earlier). Outside of that he won't be sitting behind
  9. I like this player, but today he literally looked like a bad Low A player, missed multiple hanging breaking balls and low 90s cheese down the middle. His hit tool was always a concern, what I saw today was sad. I hope he figures it out because he looks lost and outmatched.
  10. Please note Key Hayes is one of my favorite players. He's a special kid and player, SPECIAL. But his power is not what makes him that.
  11. Project away, but this guy became a world class player doing what he does. I'd be shocked if he ever hits 30 homers. Why mess with it? He's got an elite hit tool and good speed with a brilliant glove. A guy who sucks up the left side while hitting 300 with a 20 homer 10 steal result is A-OK, Dreams of 35 homers are foolish. If Hayes, who has a wonderful hit tool, ever decided to tinker with that, the results would possibly be not good. Sometimes guys hit how they hit. If Hayes can "change his launch" angle, good for him, but I won't hold my breath and I hope the Pirates just let him be
  12. OMG, a baseball player has a bit of a slump. This guy is a fantastic hitter. His K rate is sub 20%. If he was playing in the high school field Vladdy Jr was playing in (and I like Vlad) he'd have 35 homers. Olson has played in the Roman coliseum his entire career. Oakland is horrific on hitters.
  13. They are not good fantasy players.
  14. I am PO'd I did not bench him. IN 2019 when he went on DL he came back and sucked a few starts then got it going again. My prediction, unless he is playing Texas, he will have a couple more s---y starts then turn it around. I am just going by the past .
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