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  1. I guess i'm the minority, but I'd take Giolito. He could also potentially take another step. His floor is very high and that early in the draft, or spending that much at auction, you dpmt want to take chances. Robert could easily end up batting pretty low in the order, and a Byron Buxton type contribution seems pretty accurate. He has rd 1 potential for sure...but giolito is almost there as is.
  2. Sorry, I meant reach even AT his current adp.
  3. I probably wouldn't make that trade even without the draft pick changes. Should be you getting the 6.
  4. I can see a lot of guys that have owned him before at any point during his 3 really good years to be enamored with him. He's also appearing in pretty much every "sleeper" article. Gonna be a bit of a game of chicken with him. If you want him you'll likely have to reach.
  5. Are relievers going to be limited too? If a top end, fully healthy, no IL stint starter is going 180 max......could it be prudent to subsidize that with non closer top end releivers where 2 of them would roughly equal one elite starter? Obviously not perfect (wins, qs) and league dependant, buy any thoughts on doing a marmol type strategy even in roto as relievers migjt have more volume value?
  6. Not trying to get too far off topic amd turn this into a debate or anything, but I really don't get all the love for Bauer. Take the elite bat with the safe floor over the guy thats had 1.3 seasons out of 8 that were any good. I know that's not what u asked, and it's just my opinion.
  7. I agree. Dylan Moore is not the guy to get back if I'm selling the farm. I'd rather have kelenic as is.
  8. I love the plAyer....I don’t like the price.
  9. Although this is indeed the likely scenario, it’s not an absolute certainty. He will likely be rostered in most standard leagues and certainly in 2 Catcher ones or NL only. Someone in mixed will have him as their starter. 4Th OFers (i know he might not even be that) average close to 500 ABs a year I saw somewhere on here. Even if he gets 300, you’re probably not that far behind in roto, maybe even ahead of the curve because Of the steals. It’s not as if AZ has an inpenetrable offense to sneak at bats from. Personally, in my mixed, if I had him, I wouldn’t be thrilled, I’d have a backu
  10. Regardless of league set up, I doubt either will be available at 9. If they are, I'd go degrom, Cole for sure, then take what should be a great bat on the way back. If you go bat first, the next pitcher you get whether it be rd2 ,3 or whatever will be a huge drop. The bat likely won't be.
  11. Whos gonna be around for pick 3?
  12. Judge reminds me a lot of kershaw a few years ago where no one wanted him and no one was excited to draft or own him.
  13. I really like it if you're not going to win this year or next. You're getting two guys that just starting the uphill climb of their stud careers for 2 guys that are about to start their decline. That's how you win. I migjt try to get more for degrom...but thats flying really close.to the sun.
  14. Madbums velocity interests me since it was so bad last year.
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