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  1. Ugh...I got one of these guys in my league. Career year EVERY year. It's infuriating. Then he offers his chumps for studs that are off to slow starts and thinks he's shrewd.
  2. I’m not a doctor..... but I play one on fantasy baseball forums. Is it at all possible that the swelling covered up a more serious issue that an x ray missed?
  3. Is it me or is “add Jake junis? “ a question on here numerous times every April for the past 5 years? The guy seems to have fantastic Aprils.
  4. Legend claims he is referring to a mound thrower.
  5. For h2h and this season only probably kirrilof. Safer with a higher floor. I do think adell has the higher ceiling though. * note : I own kiriloff and by fantasy law none of my players are allowed to pan out. You’ve been warned.
  6. Frazier for me. He’s simply the most talented player in that group. He’s slumping now, but he has the best opportunity to be a bucket filler from that group, The others seem like types that will be available at one point or another in your league given that so many of them are at the moment.
  7. Can someone explain why velocity just drops like that some people like Corbin and then some people like Wade Davis get 2mph back ? The obvious answer is injury,but he didn't have one (that we know about). Serious question.
  8. No kidding. Gallen had a hairline fracture in his pitching arm and was back in 3 weeks.
  9. Personally speaking as a hiura owner that had a scrap heap catcher. My view of him really increased after his homer and steal. That would have been a bad time to make me an offer, however, if I got one after his next, and soon to come 0-16 run.... anyone that doesn’t have a catcher likely think they’re all the same and can eventually piece together some stats from that position. Maybe try something else?
  10. As a non owner, I’d love to have him. Could be a post hype season baked into a post hype player.
  11. I’d say Hiura is a realistic buy low that can actually be gotten. Although I don’t think he will reach his draft value, he will still likely give you very good power and above average steals. He also has the upside for a whole new level. More of a dart throw than anything, but definately a guy that can be had for much less than he was going for 3 weeks ago and one that actually could be pried away.
  12. Call up to get a start with the Drew Smyly news. Former top pitching prospect and number 5 overall pick was getting a bit of buzz this off season as a guy that’s increased velocity and improved control. Had a 1.80 ERA over his final 3 starts in 2020. I’ve seen projections ( sports illustrated mind you) of 3.50 ERA with a k per inning type. Ynoa seems like the guy to own, but he is a 2 pitch pitcher and there is no guarantee that he will be the guy. From his unspectacular numbers and with Ynoas presence he’s likely a monitor only/ deep league type. Given how well Anderson And Soroka Hav
  13. Just saw on mlb that the solo hr he gave up in the first was off of a 92 mph sinker. I know it's the first inning and he was probably sitting lower than 92. But isn't his massive issue decreased velocity? Isn't 92 where he was in 2019 and he was 89 last year?
  14. This guy was rage dropped in my league. I imagine he will be available in many leagues. Not asking specifically for my team, but for everyone's sake: is there anything here? The basic,standard research shows decreased velocity across all pitches and a blue stats cast page. Anything to see here? Can his velocity increase as strength builds up back to his sp2 levels of not so long ago? How do guys just drop off the earth like this? Could thursdsys start be vaccine related (strasburg got tattooed as well)? This was my long winded way of asking. Is there anything to indicate a pos
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