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  1. I have no doubt that he'll spend the minimum time on the DL. Upon being fully healed, Toronto will send to him the majors for a few rehab games to shake off the rust, and then promptly return him to AA where he is desperately needed.
  2. Sorry, but this makes no sense. The reason that they're not competitive this year is because they haven't had their best team on the field. A young player like Vlad can easily light a fire on a team that's otherwise going through the motions. Besides, you don't have to be in first in order to be perceived as a good team, and there are plenty of teams that won't make the postseason who aren't out of the race before the ASB. Being in New York I get to listen to a lot of complaints about the Mets. No one was expecting them to make a run at a championship this year, but the common refrain was "At
  3. If they weren't going to bring him up to the majors he'd be in AAA by now. The only explanation for letting him obliterate AA pitching is Super 2. I almost feel sorry for the team management. They know they look ridiculous, but there's a lot of money at stake and it's only another week or two. They're probably just as anxious as we are to get the deadline behind them.
  4. Are Eflin's runs earned? Did they reverse the error call in the 1st?
  5. I'm convinced that he'll be up immediately after Super 2 requirements are met. No reason to move him to AAA just to uproot him again in a few weeks. Everyone wants to see this kid play in the majors, and the bottom line for the team is, well...the bottom line. He'll sell tickets. He'll make headlines. He'll be the darling of the league if he can get anywhere close to his MiLB numbers in the majors. Even if he falters he's still going to have people paying attention and waiting for him to break out. Given the potential for Vlad to become the top player in baseball, the Jays would be crazy not t
  6. I guess I'm nearly alone in rooting for him to get to the majors. I don't think he's good enough to remain there for long, but his is a compelling story and it would be a Rudyesque ending.
  7. Mikolas is one of those pitchers who might have a bad outing now and then, but he'll be well worth owning in the long run.
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