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  1. This is going to sound insane... but could you make a serious case drafting this guy #1 next year? I mean due to top end RB's losing their seasons due to injury...it could very well happen again due to RBs being more prone to injury than WRs. Sign me up for locked and loaded high-end WR1 production (major understatement).
  2. Do any of you think Dillon takes over GB backfield next year? Even with Jamaal still there? I imagine GB will let Jones walk to FA.
  3. Ship Drew Lock to a contender (who needs a QB). I receive Cephus, Mattison, Boone, Marlon Mack and a ‘21 mid 3rd and 4th. Would you accept? I could draft my #2 QB with my early-mid ‘21 1st, with these rookies coming out. My QB1 is Dak.
  4. Lock would be the perfect emergency QB in a SF league. He is currently starting in my SF spot in a dynasty league and it's been hit or miss. Hoping his past few performances continue.
  5. A huge chunk of his points have come in garbage time in the past two games. Shouldn't have come back and beat Chargers (but he did) and was down in 4th quarter against Falcons this past week, but produced very well in 4th. I would say he is worth the grab, but only as QB insurance. I'm still a believer he can become a factor in fantasy, whether that's down the stretch of this season or next season.
  6. Didn't get chance to watch game yesterday, but saw the stat line. 4.2 YPC and 1 catch for 16. Did he look good and does anyone expect him to get more work as we approach the end of the year?
  7. 3 carries, 3 yards, 3 TDs. Let’s have a great day everyone.
  8. Every time Danny Dimes is hit on his blind side I feel like he fumbles it, I kid you not. Never seen anything quite like it.
  9. Okay just making sure. I just acquired him so wasn't sure haha
  10. Hasn't practiced for two straight days due to ankle... anything to be concerned about here?
  11. It's going to be Miami. Pair him up with Tua and they take the AFC East. Would be very fitting for 2020.
  12. Anything to see here? Averaged 6.2 YPC (in garbage time) last night.
  13. I'm trying to think of potential landing spots for him. For some reason, the Chargers come to mind as a potential fit. Herbert. Losing all these games by just only one score. Could be a game changer for them.
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