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  1. Yermin is playing like he's trying to tell LaRussa something. Guy continues to be a tough out into May.
  2. Bo Bichette is so fun to watch. Reminds me of a bit of a young and wild version of Ichiro at times with his plate coverage
  3. His numbers are so strange. It's literally 1 good start and then 1 bad. I benched him today. Glad I did. But i'm not ready to drop him.
  4. I thought Yermin was slumping...nope. Hell of a triple there.
  5. It's all mental with him. He's an incredible pitcher but he's young and he's easily affected when things go wrong. I think he'll be fine. He needs that one electric start and then he can get some of that confidence back. gotta go along for the ride.
  6. Yeah i'm raellllyyyyyy close to saying f--- it and dropping him. Need to drop someone once Hoerner gets back next week. It's either Bell or Longo. But I'm starting to think Longo is the correct keep. Bell looks utterly lost at the plate and is on a torrential slump.
  7. At the time of my draft none of them were injured but thanks for the comments
  8. Another fantastic game. 2/4, 5RBI, HR and a double. now bating .309 with 6HR and 26RBI.
  9. Bo is amazing. I'm watching the game. He ran out a groundball and slid safe into first to beat the pitcher covering. Then he swiped 2nd and third. Such a bad a**
  10. James Karinchak is such a boss. Is there a better reliever in baseball right now?
  11. It has been a terrible week for my team and I'm getting destroyed. but thank the lords for Randal Grichuk. What a beast. He doesn't get enough love around here.
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