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  1. This one is really hard. I'm in a 6X6 keeper H2H Auction league 12 teams. I'm sitting in 2nd place. I have 0 FAAB (yeah i know I ****** up) and I'm a sitting duck with Mercedes as my only catcher. I was offered Austin Riley, Tony Gonsolin, and Omar Narvaez for Whit Merrifield, Domingo German, and Kendall Graveman. Thoughts? My team is below: C Mercedes 1B Gurriel 2B Whit SS Bichette 3B Bryant MI Mondesi CI McMahon OF Grisham, Winker, Yastrzemski, O'Neill, Springer Utl Grichuk Bench: Mountcastle, Bell SP Buehler, Giolito, Hendricks, Eflin,
  2. I've been in 1st place for all of 1 week and this week, my team decides to all slump at the same time while my opponent is having his best week all year. I'm losing 12-0 thanks to Starling Marte and Mitch Haniger among others. Goodbye first place. Was nice knowing you.
  3. One of my favorite trades of the season. This guy has been fantastic. There are other players that never walk that maintain solid stats AKA Bichette and Tim Anderson. I feel like O'Niell is aggressive at the plate. That will lead to some cold streaks but also some tears. He's locked into my starting OF rest of season.
  4. Romano used in the 8th yesterday. I think they will end up using him as the fireman and Merryweather as the closer.
  5. Heard he was close to a rehab assignment and on track to be back for the series v the Mets this weekend
  6. I'm a Jays fan. They like Meryweather a lot. Except he's hurt. I don't think you can make the assumption that they stick with Romano as closer since he's literally the only one healthy and capable right now
  7. Idk if I expected it but I watched a ton of his at bats, particularly early season, and he has such a fantastic eye. He has a knack for barreling balls and with his swing, that's translated into power. people are concerned about PEDs because this is so unexpected but I think he's Just a special player. He's also the magical 27 years old, which seems to be the age where a lot of guys come into their own. [...] I really don't think this is a fluke.
  8. Read this morning that he's continuing a throwing progression but they want to make sure he can pitch back-to-back days when he comes back. Looks like an early July return at this point. I'd be willing to bet he's the closer by the middle to end of next month. Book it.
  9. yeah....sometimes it feels good to be right. Winker is a flat out stud and if it weren't for DeGrom he'd be the NL MVP frontrunner.
  10. 7-14 days max is the report that I've heard
  11. He's been striking out a lot even for him and he's been pretty cold overall over the last week as his average dipped into the low 260s. He's even said himself that he has yet to feel comfortable at the plate this year and he hasn't gone on a Bo hot streak yet. i think this triple is the beginning. We'll see if I'm right.
  12. Marking tonight as the beginning of Bo's heater. Hell of a rip for that CLUTCH 2RBI triple tonight. I think that gets him some confidence back.
  13. I think it's all mental. He hates LaRussa and idk if he's happy right now. He seems unfocused and unmotivated, totally different from the beginning of the season. I'm hanging onto him because I can play him at catcher, but I'm nervous about it.
  14. Vlad in sole control of the MLB homer lead. Beast
  15. Alec Lewis of the athletic reports that Mondesi woke up feeling better. Matheny was encouraged. He's out of the lineup today but KC has a day off tomorrow so he could return thursday. Seems like he's avoiding the IL
  16. Lets go German and the Professor! I would say go Nola but I dealt him for Tyler O'Neill and Urquidy so, go Tyler! Lets get more bombs!
  17. I beat my opponent's team this week, in first place (OBP league), that includes Muncy, acuna, soto, cole, wheeler 11-1, primarily because guys like Longo mashed. Feels good man
  18. H shouldn't be allowed to. Disgusting.
  19. I definitely have not gotten credit with Winker of Bell's stats yet from yesterday. They are still showing as 1/2
  20. ESPN. Have they announced anything?
  22. The Dodgers are using a 6 man rotation. Buehler starts tomorrow.
  23. Don't ruin my fun. HE CRUSHED IT OKAY
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