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  1. 1 PPR, Starts 1 TE & 2 Flex. Pick 3 of these 4 to start: Hunter Henry @OAK Devin Singletary @CLE Golden Tate @NYJ Darren Waller vs LAC Right now I have it Henry, Singletary, Tate. Would you play Waller over Tate?
  2. Just dug deeper in the Waivers, saw that both of these are available as well: Ty Johnson vs NYG Benny Snell vs MIA If Connor sits out again Snell could eat against MIA. Kerryon is already ruled out against NYG so Johnson would at least guarantee me starter points. I'm still kinda leaning on dropping Damien for Jamall Williams unless I hear news about Conner. Thoughts?
  3. I have that distinction reversed. I value Waller waaaay higher than Ertz this season. I agree with trying straight up for either Adams or K.Allen. If they don't bite, see if you can package a 2 for 2 deal where you throw in Shepard or something.
  4. I like it, especially with the potential loss of DJ for who knows how long. Hunter will be a top 10 TE every week. I'd make the trade. Thanks for mine.
  5. Besides Zeke and Kamara, the rest of my Week 8 bench: Damien Williams Kyler Murray Tyrell Williams Hunter Henry
  6. I like Cousins, Brisset, in that order. Cousins has been unleashed- it looks like they are trusting him to air it out and the Vikings seem to have found the balance of run/pass. Brisset is playing extremely well also. Please don't forget mine.
  7. I'm also curious if there are better options at QB. But if you're high on Darnold I think you're fine dropping White. Do you only start one flex? If so you have the depth to drop him. If you start two flex spots then you'd have to check your bye situation. Mine:
  8. This. OBJ is not producing like the OBJ of old, and while Fournette has the injury track record, he's been rock solid this year in health and production. either don't trade, or get something better than OBJ. Mine:
  9. 1 PPR, .1 points per yard Week 8: Zeke is on Bye and I don't trust that Kamara will play. The other 3 RBs on my roster: Royce Freeman @IND Devin Singletary vs PHI Damien Williams vs GB Obviously only Freeman is serviceable as a starter right now. I don't trust that Singletary will produce enough points to leave him in at RB2. Damien is firmly sitting behind Shady on the depth chart in KC. My best options on waivers are: Duke Johnson vs OAK Jamaal Williams @KC Rashaad Penny @ATL Darrell Henderson Jr. vs CIN Regardless of Kamara's status, I'm thinking about dropping Damien Williams and grabbing Jamaal Williams off waivers. I like the match up and his time share with Aaron Jones seems to be 50/50 so I'll get the volume. Henderson is could be a great pick up against CIN, but only if Malcom Brown is still sidelined from injury. Thoughts?
  10. Started Freeman, got me 16.7 points. I played against Lindsay who only got 4.2 🤘
  11. I don't like Shady, bad matchup + timeshare. Hyde has a decent matchup but I don't think he'll have the same output he did against KC. Henderson most likely won't even play if Gurly is in. I actually like Williams the best here. He has the most targets on the team the last 2 weeks. Good luck, thanks for mine.
  12. Another vote for Crowder. Here's mine:
  13. It really depends on if you're looking more to win now and turn around from 3-3, or setup for the future. IMH you are upgrading for this season if you make the trade. Allen has the great schedule moving forward, but Russel is having an MVP season and you are upgrading at TE greatly. Conversely, for the future Jacobs could be a stud at RB for years and Allen could be a great keeper as well. Either way, you have the depth at RB to make the trade and try and turn this season around. I'd make the trade. Mine:
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