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  1. gotta thank this dude for helping us get to where we are but his time starting has come to an end, its been real Kupp! His elite volume has been transferred to Higbee and Woods. Even with them trailing all game yesterday he ends up behind Cooks in targets. Also facing SF on the road next week, can see Goff having a major dud there too
  2. up by 64 with Brees left, my opponent is done, hopefully i can hang on.
  3. This is very true, his TD% is not sustainable, he is currently at 8.9% which is well above the average. For some context, Russel Wilson closed out last year at 8.2% which was his highest % of his career. He currently regressed to 6.1% for this year which is inline with his career rate of 6%. But even with Lamars pass TDs potentially dropping, his rushing is insane, hell still probably be able to repeat as the QB1 overall no problem even with a normalized TD%.
  4. Seems to be trending in the right direction, shed his non contact jersey today- really need him to suit up!
  5. Full PPR, 4PT PA TD Down by 14, he has Sanders. I have Wentz and Tate. Gonna be tight ! GL to all
  6. Jeez, It looked bad while watching, but I didn't know it was that bad... smh
  7. Kupp owner here, def some concern going on as hes had the TD deodorant on the last two weeks. im not sure what the snap% was for him last night but while watching the game it seemed like he was barely on the field compared to Woods. Him and Higbee have certainly taken over as the top two receiving options these last few weeks. Probably going to be forced to start him next week but the confidence level has taken a big hit. Hes looking like a WR2/3 right now. The offense is rolling right now so it will be hard to imagine them switching much up going forward.
  8. Got a nice 10 points from Brees home vs ATL, while I have Dak sitting on my bench with 30+ . Down 30.84 with Carson and Lockett remaining .5ppr. and shoutout to Kupp for the bagel game.
  9. Interesting PFF nugget here "So far this season, he’s been much more effective independent of his blocking than Johnson. Edmonds is averaging 3.25 yards after contact per attempt, which is over a yard more than Johnson’s 2.01." This kids got juice. Also in conjunction with the latest rotoblurb on him" ESPN's Josh Weinfuss expects Chase Edmonds to maintain a "significant role" even when David Johnson (questionable, ankle) is fully healthy. "I think David’s gonna get a few more touches just because he’s David Johnson," Weinfuss added. "But if he doesn’t produce, I don’t t
  10. I really think its either Lat or Jamaal, nothing against Williams but he had only 2!!!! touches last game. Hes a major shot in the dark. Lat will see workhorse volume IF Kamara is out and I would start him over Jamaal if that's the case. The bears also put their best run stuffer Hicks on IR which should be a boost if anything. IF Kamara is playing I would go with Jamaal.
  11. I would do this trade, your depth is already rock solid, if odel returns to his elite form down the stretch youll be a force at the WR position.
  12. Def take this trade. Keenan def should be able to pick things back up from his slump, same for mixon once they get AJG back.
  13. Half point ppr, potential to trade Tyler Lockett and Josh Jacobs for Micheal Thomas and David Montgomery. 8 man league. My team rb/wr depth: Tyreek Hill, Lockett, Tyler Boyd, Fitz, Desean Jackson CMC, Carson, Jacobs, Edmonds, Penny What do you guys think? WHIR!!! Thank you!
  14. stick with Kirk, i dont even think its close honestly. the guy has 32 tgts in 3 games, thats elite usage. Diggs has a whopping 12 looks. the only games you can really feel confident in starting him would be potential shoot out games, i havent looked at the Vikes schedule but how many of those could there be? otherwise theyre going to be shutting down teams with their defense and just pounding Cook all day. they run the ball at a 60% clip right now, highest in the league and would be the highest ever since 2004 (per PFF) if it were to hold up full year. kirk has a horrible defense and an offens
  15. Ride the danny dimes wave. this kid is legit. none of the rookie qbs could have done what he did last week with his poise and composure under pressure. there is no reason why he cant light up the skins this week. Kyler is good but ARZ is struggling way to much to when it comes to scoring for my liking. Thanks for helping on mine!
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