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  1. Robert in his MiLB career (773 AB's): .312 AVG/.382 OBP/.551 SLG/.932 OPS No reason to think he cant hit around .270 in the majors. Acuna hit .250 in 2020....
  2. Bad move in dropping Pomeranz. One of the best RP in baseball. Just starting to ramp up after slow start to Spring. At worst, will get multi inning holds with a lot of K's. Clase is decent, but but not the best RP in that bullpen. Romano would have been my choice if really needed to add Clase. But just my opinion.
  3. Keller is the Easy drop for me. 5x5, Pittsburgh not gonna win many games for him. Manaea is solid with his ratios, and has increased velocity this year. Javier looked good in his first start and will be back sooner rather than later for Astros. Both are better pitchers than Keller right now, and they are on better teams, which will help with the W stat
  4. Tough call on this one. I think Vlad is the safer choice here. Better hit tool. However Robert has Acuna upside, IF he can get the strikeouts in check. Legit power and elite speed. Plus plays gold glove defense, so isnt coming out of the lineup. For me personally, it comes down to roster makeup. If you need a 1B, then Vlad. But if you have a decent 1B and need OF help, then gamble on Robert. Not many have the upside he has
  5. Absolutely. Top 30 SP dont grow on trees, and Hampson will only always tease IMO. Plus Rockies will screw with his PT. Even with Lamet's injury risk, I still make the move easily.
  6. [...] On Tuesday, GM A.J. Preller confirmed Tatis has "slight" tearing in his labrum, but there is no damage to his rotator cuff and he does not require surgery."It's just being safe and giving the left shoulder inflammation and some of the instability a chance to calm down," Preller told reporters, adding Tatis has full range of motion. "... Overall, the exam today was pretty uneventful." Preller said the team's doctors do not believe Tatis can make the injury worse by playing, though the Padres will place him on the 10-day injured list "to be safe." I guess time will tell, b
  7. Did you watch him Thursday? I wouldnt drop him with that strikeout upside. 2 IP 6 K's (yea I know, 3 BB) And Grisham is should be picked up immediately. Not sure why anyone would drop a potential 20/20 bat with a good OBP in ANY league, and especially a 5x5 format where 20/20 guys are gold
  8. 1. Means 2. Montas 3. Webb Rodon and Smith do nothing for me, so gamble on Webb for the #3 spot
  9. Trout side by a mile for me.
  10. Very close trade, I think I like the Arenado side just a tad. Getting Kenley in a 5x5 format helps a lot with Saves, as the RP merry go round is gonna be in full force this year. To get one of the few stable ones helps more than Bryant IMO. Plus Snell > Strasburg. Although I do think Story > Arenado due to steals, but decent chance he gets traded out of Coors also
  11. 1. Manaea easy. -Increased velocity so far this year and always underrated. Decent ratios (career 3.85 ERA and 1.20 Whip) and should get wins. Finished last year with a 2.95 ERA and 0.95 WHIP, with a 3.62 xFIP over 39 innings. Has had a good Whip the last 3 seasons. Wont get the high end K's, but should help everywhere else 2. Odorizzi - Locked into rotation and should also be a good source of Wins. Safer choice than Webb IMO Webb/Alzolay too unpredictable for me. Webb is better than Alzolay, but Ill still take the 2 more proven guys above. Cant judge by 11 innings o
  12. (March 27, 2021 10:46 PM ET) Manager Scott Servais announced Saturday that Trammell made Seattle's Opening Day roster, Ryan Divish of The Seattle Times reports. The 23-year-old performed well during spring training and is expected to start in left field or center field, depending on the health of Kyle Lewis (knee). Trammell is one of the Mariners' top prospects and will made the jump to the majors without playing at the Triple-A level.
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