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  1. I dont think you need to give up the 2nd round pick in that deal. I kind of like the idea of getting younger, and DeGrom has started to show cracks in the armor, with minor nagging injuries the last few seasons. Maybe shop DeGrom around to see what else is out there, but the trade seems decent for a rebuilding team. Just doesnt have that wow factor for an elite stud at his position
  2. I like this trade for sure. Especially since you said you were rebuilding. Getting anything of significant value for Stanton is a win IMO. Dominguez hype train just starting to take off. And Garcia is a solid SP who is MLB ready. I like the offer alot for a rebuilding team
  3. I also would not do this trade. You dont need Snell, and who knows if Padres even let him go 6 innings right away to get the QS. You have a ton of good SP, and Kopech is right on the doorstep. After Wander gets promoted, all the attention gonna turn to Luciano and his stock will skyrocket even more. Keep what you have.
  4. Just do it without Albies. Dont get greedy. Its not like you can keep your whole rosters, you only get to keep 6. Quality is better than quantity here, and you dont need Bichette (with getting Tatis) and Alonso (with Vlad). Upgrade your SS position to the best there is in dynasty. Alonso got exposed last year, and I was preaching to everyone to sell after 2019 season. That was his MAX value, it only goes down from there. Still a good player, but to expect anything better than 2019 for Alonso, is a mistake IMO. Vlad still young and has the hit tool to be elite, and I feel he is a much b
  5. And you are perfectly fine with Severino holding up? He hasnt been a picture of health either and hasn't proven it like Lamet has. Both have risks, both are close in age, I lean Lamet here. The trade seems pretty fair, and if you need the depth pieces then I say go for it. But know you are giving up the best player in the deal, and it doesnt help with your pitching situation. Severino will be innings limited (which Lamet may be also). Also, no guarantee Severino stays healthy himself and can even produce like he did pre-surgery. Worst case scenario, Lamet goes under the knife again and
  6. I would not do that trade, however maybe counter with Alonso, Lewis, and Bichette for Tatis? With only 6 keepers, locking up the best SS for the next decade is nice. Having Vlad/Tatis/Soto is almost as good as it gets at the positions they are at.
  7. Since you get to keep 10, its easy. I keep Muncy, Lewis, Rizzo, Bohm, MakGore and look to pickup 5 more players
  8. Laureano for me. RosterResource has him batting leadoff, and Frazier projected to bat 7th. Laureano plays well above average defense, which will keep him in the lineup pretty much everyday. Frazier will be lucky to get north of 500 AB. This is an example of what have you done for me lately. Laureano is a Covid season removed from a 24/13 statline with an OPS over 800 (in 434 AB's).
  9. Love what? That he can hit an underhand pitch coming in at 30 mph? If this was fantasy beer league softball, then I would be excited. He's only valuable because of his last name. Look at @brockpapersizertweet above. That says it all.
  10. Iglesias by quite a bit for me. Take the safer choice. They traded for him to be the closer. Yates is a gamble pick up for Toronto, with Romano waiting in the wings if he falters or proves to not be himself after the injury.
  11. And that Texas OF is kind of a mess. Lots of moving parts out there, so tough to tell with Tavares and Calhoun as to what Texas will do. RR has Gallo in RF and Dahl in LF.
  12. How in the heck is Robles gonna get LF or RF eligibility? The only reason he is even in the lineup full time right now is his elite defense in CF. Plus some guy in RF is named Soto, doubt he is going anywhere. And the guy in LF is named Schwarber. Dont think he will switch with Robles to play CF. Lewis, maybe. Depends on what they do with Kelenic and Trammell when they are ready to come up early to mid season.
  13. I like Verdugo also. Im with Hootie, Ill bet on the better hit tool
  14. Mookie >> Seager and Burnes > Corbin. Dont see any reason to do that trade at all
  15. Take Suarez out, you already have Bregman. Mountcastle is out, you already have 3 OF, and Id rather keep Bohm for 1B if wanted that. So with that said: 1. Woodruff - Because IP is a category 2. Snell - Should provide great stats across all pitching categories (except S obviously) 3. Marte or Burnes - I probably lean Marte, since 2B is shallow this year. But if you wanted another SP with great K potential, Id go with Burnes. Just know Burnes will most likely be innings limited this season
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