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  1. Agreed with HOOTIE, I'd do it for McKay. Big, big fan of his upside. Any help here would be much appreciated:
  2. I think Escobar's PT is probably the safest moving forward, and that'd be the way I go. Followed by Martinez, then Bader. Help here would be much appreciated! http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/703670-dynasty-league-trade-whir/
  3. 14-team, 6x6 (OBP, OPS instead of AVG; QS) dynasty league. Currently sitting in 3rd place, leading the league in HR and RBI, while 2nd in R, OBP and OPS. My pitching categories are middle of the road outside of ERA and WHIP, where I've been hurting. I would give: Nomar Mazara and Seranthony Dominguez I would get: Carlos Carrasco and Kevin Pillar in return. At first glance, adding a high-level SP seems nice, but I'm struggling to get rid of Mazara. I think his bat could be a cornerstone of my lineup for quite a while. The rest of my team is listed below.
  4. Guess I'm in the minority here, but I'm going with Mengden here, especially in a QS league. He's shown the ability to go deep into games routinely and has a 2.47 ERA in the last 109.1 innings. May not get you a ton of Ks, but his ERA, WHIP and QS will help you.
  5. I think Mengden is for real. Dating back to September/October last year, he's got a 2.47 ERA in the last 109.1 IP. That probably gets closer to a 3.4-3.6 over time, but he gets a ton of ground balls. I'd try to move Stripling for something if you can, but I'm a Mengden believer. He may not give you great K numbers, but his ratios are going to be pretty damn good.
  6. Definitely the right decision to pass on the 2nd deal. Think I probably would've passed on the first one as well, but I don't hate it for you. I've found saves extremely tough to come by as well, and may have tried to get someone a little higher up on the RP scale than Boxberger for Turner, but that's not a bad deal for you.
  7. If I knew Eaton were going to stay healthy for the ROS, I'd prefer him. He's going to score a ton of runs at the top of that lineup. But, as others have said, if you have both, or have the ability to have both on your roster, I'd prefer that of course.
  8. If you have a chance to turn Turner and pieces into Scherzer, you have to do it.
  9. Fortunate to live about 20 minutes from Cedar Rapids and get to see Kirilloff a ton. His approach is really advanced. His promotion should be coming within the next week or two would be my guess. Wouldn't be surprised to see him as a September 2019 call-up if he continues hitting like this at the next few levels.
  10. Nimmo is probably due for some regression, but he's been really solid at the top of the lineup and has been great in OBP. I think his playing time is safe. I'd go Haniger, Nimmo, Kemp, Schwarber, personally.
  11. Stassi, Alfaro, Murphy, Suzuki for me. If Flowers were to go down for any significant amount of time, I'd probably move Suzuki up to 2nd.
  12. You're getting the best player in the deal in Sale, and that pitching staff moving forward looks ridiculous. I'd pull the trigger.
  13. Agreed with jmoney, you can afford to deal one of your arms for a power bat. Adams looks like a pretty weak option at 1B for a 10-teamer.
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