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  1. If Mookie is expecting a $400 million dollar Trout type contract, he needs to start hitting like Trout. Then again, there’s only one Trout.....and then there’s everyone else. Mookie notwithstanding.
  2. Sale, Nola, Kluber as my starting 1-2-3. The envy of my league. Be careful what you wish for.
  3. No question Nola has not pitched well. But in all fairness, the wind was howling last night v the Mets and it was cold. Cowboy Nola from Baton Rouge was clearly out of his geographic weather comfort level, as was Thor who’s a Nordic himself. Let’s see what Nola can do in Colorado. If the problems persist an IL stint, if for no other reason, just to get him out of the rotation may happen.
  4. The safe answer is Moncada. And I think he puts up numbers commensurate with expectations, most likely exceeding same. But Buxton? He got the memo. He gets it. I expect Buxton to be the reason why the Twins will either win their division or make it as a WC. 20/35 is not an unreasonable expectation. He’s batting 9th during the preseason. Means nothing. Buxton will be a 1-2-3 bat in that Twins lineup. Spring Training performance was just scratching the surface.
  5. Kike in a far better lineup than Frazier. Enough to make it an EZ choice
  6. I drafted (reached) Hampson in the 15th, then handcuffed McMahon in the 20th. Hopefully one would emerge as Colorado’s 2b. That’s value. Hampson goes lame for about a week with a tight hammy and McMahon gets full time ABs. He never looked back and took the role right out of Hampson’s hands.
  7. I got him late in the 18th (18.9) non snake. He’s got an everyday job. That in and of itself is worth the freight. The M’s appear to be a team in transition. Find it hard to believe that Santana will have many red lights on the basepaths in that lineup. Especially if E5 gets moved
  8. I grabbed Hampson in the 15th and followed up by handcuffing McMahon in the 20th. My worst nightmare is a split/ platoon/ or however it splits.
  9. Any chance the Tatis’ timetable gets moved up?
  10. Any chance Tatis’ timetable gets moved up to 2019 now with Machado in tow?
  11. When the Panthers go up big, you don’t think CMC or Cam is gonna ground and pound, do ya?
  12. This kid is gaining confidence as the at bats pile up. Here’s hoping that Riggleman won’t double switch this guy. The power will come. Maybe not this year....
  13. Due to the Reds plethora of OFers, Duvall, Winker, Schebler, BHam, Riggleman has morphed Winker into the designated double switch guy. It’s unfortunate because Winker doesn’t get that opportunity late in the game to come to bat with two runners on. Not sure why Riggleman has decided to limit Winker’s plate appearances. It’s not coincidental that the Reds are a last place team and Riggleman is the Mgr of that last place team.
  14. Wade Davis is the poster boy for the reason never to give out long term contracts to closersPOS
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