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  1. According to the weather app, looks like the rain is actually trailing off around 12-1. Winds around 9-11 mph. I’m in central time zone so I’m not sure if the time it’s showing is central or eastern. If eastern, the rain may be completely gone by gametime according to this. And wind isn’t too bad either way. But I would expect sloppy field will be an issue. Not sure what impact that will have on the passing game.
  2. Looks like the wind is expected to be 10-15 MPH. Should we expect that to have a large enough impact that we should factor it into whether to start him, or should it not matter?
  3. It looks like the weather forecast is 100% chance of rain. Heavy rainfall possible. 10-20 mph winds. So ive either got Winston in thunderstorms or Goff in the freezing cold at the Bears. Plus I’ve got Lutz in the Bucs vs Saints game. Loved the matchup before. But this is shaping up to be real bad for the playoffs.
  4. I’m more concerned about Winston’s ability to throw downfield impacting his ability to throw downfield. 😂 With that said, Winston is a pretty good option this week.
  5. Looking ahead to decisions for Week 14, how confident are we against the Saints? Maybe a good matchup on paper, but for some reason it screams major bust game to me. Trying to decide whether I should drop him for a high upside handcuff before tomorrow. Regardless of whether I’ll start him, I’m not sure if I want him to be available for another playoff team. But don’t want high upside cuffs available either.
  6. It’s between Winston and Lamar for me, which I think is common for many people this week. I’ve been cussed out and called an idiot on another forum for even considering starting Winston over Lamar. A friend who knows his stuff says to go with Lamar over Winston. But I’m expecting a blow up game (in a good way) for Winston. I’m leaning towards him right now. I think the chance of Winston being benched is being overstated. The QB moves this year for TB have made sense. It makes zero sense to go back to Fitz again at this point. Winston is the guy ROS. Now
  7. A QB who can’t throw and a WR who can’t catch. Not a good fit. A perfect fit.
  8. Being traded to the Cowboys. Source right now is just the Sleeper app. Seems like a great trade for both Amari, his fantasy owners, and the Cowboys. Wish I had tried to acquire Amari
  9. Are the Colts really a top DST this week vs the Bills? The Colts D is just so so bad. Colts vs. Bills Chargers vs. Titans Which one?
  10. As a Bears owner, I’d like to think so. But my league has PA/YA and I got -1 from them this past week. I may have to drop them because I just don’t think I can roll them out this week and don’t want to roster 2 DST again after already hold the Bears through their bye week.
  11. How’re we feeling about the Bears? I hoped they could be my ROS defense, but playing TB next week and then on bye. I hate picking up a 2nd defense for bye week fill-in, but would obviously have to if I’m keeping the Bears for all year. Plus they have LAR and GB in weeks 14 and 15 which is the playoffs in my league. Hard to keep them through the next 2 weeks. What’re y’all doing?
  12. And on the other side of the coin, the Cardinals could actually be a solid streaming option. The Bears aren’t going to put up a lot of points or yards, and Mitch will throw a couple picks.
  13. Wow the Cardinals are favored by 1 vs the Bears next week and a 40 point total. Fairly low total (though not extraordinarily low) and a much higher implied total for the Cardinals than I would have expected. I figured the Bears would be a top 3 defense for this week, and maybe they still will be, but what does Vegas know?
  14. I’ve never had a DEF that I can rely on all year. While I think the streaming game is usually the way to go, it does get old investing so much time into it each week all year. So I’m thrilled that I was able to grab the Bears this year. Really hoping I can just ride them. Got a good feeling about it.
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