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  1. Hey guys it’s my first year so I chose to go here to see if you think this is a fair trade. I’m in a 12 team Dynasty League. My solid players are good now but a couple of years will fall off so I’m trying to trade for the future. I’m offering Jrue Holiday and a 5th round pick for Zach LeVine and a 1st round pick. This a fair trade?
  2. 12 team standard 5 x 5 league: I’m in 2nd place but wanting to stock up on starting pitching. What trade can you guys think of for me Hitters are: Chirinos Aguilar Muncy J. Ramirez Andrus/Correa Stanton Choo G. Polanco Desmond Tim Anderson Kinsler Eloy Jimenez SPitchers are: Scherzer Severino Tanaka Pivetta Buehler RPitchers are: Cody Allen Yates LeClerc Strop Hader Hand J. Fry What should I do to deepen my SP??
  3. I’ve heard AJ Hinch doesn’t like a hot head on the field like Giles because it brings down the emotions of the team as a whole. It’ll be very interesting to see what the Astros do by the trade deadline but Rondon is gross. He has a FIP of 2.06, xFIP of 2.90, and a SIERA of 2.75. The only thing you could say is that he’s not generating a lot of soft contact (11.3%) and has a high BABIP (.328). Think what you want but if the Astros don’t trade for Herrera or Britton then I think Rondon could run away with the closer’s job for the defending world champs.
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