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  1. 40 points isn't a solid score? Don't be angry bro lmao.
  2. Considering I predicted it in this very thread I'd say pretty predictable.
  3. Very predictable blow up/get right game. Lets just hope the coaches realize this team succeeds when the run game succeeds.
  4. I think getting Lindsay back could help keep Gordon in the field longer as he’s another weapon to sustain drives. Gordon’s value is only going to go up as the season progresses and they regain players from injury
  5. So are we talking talent or current fantasy output? Make up your mind and stop being so dense.
  6. This feels like the week everyone benches him and he puts up a solid score. If Gaskin can run on the Jags anyone should be able to.
  7. I'd stay put with Cooper and Kelley. I think Cooper is over Moore and Kelley is over Hollywood.
  8. I'd rather have Julio and Dobbins as well. Go for it.
  9. I've never played superflex so idk the importance of 3 QBs. I feel like I would do this though. It would help out your RB core a lot.
  10. I like Shenault here. Behind him would be Hump until Brown is back, Djax after and then maybe Reagor for upside?
  11. I'd get Cam then as long as you can afford to lose Henderson.
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