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  1. maybe that's too low. maybe mid 2. Would need some clarity on the other WR though.
  2. I'll probably treat him as a low 2 with upside. Depending on what happens with Godwin and Brown.
  3. He's certainly in the mix. I wouldn't take Zeke ahead of him at this point. Maybe not even Chubb. Sanders belongs in the discussion though. This next year might be the most divergent in terms of opinions about the top RBs.
  4. I don't know. Pittsburgh was rolling on them. I don't expect 4 turnovers from the Chiefs.
  5. This is the first correct answer. GB, KC, and TB pretty easily.
  6. Probably a sixth round pick that finished in the top 24 WR in terms of PPR average. Hard to believe he was just a "depth" piece for you and you never started him until yesterday. You must have aced the first half of the draft.
  7. Pretty good season from Jones. Even with the missed games, he had over 1300 APY and close to 50 receptions. Not to mention, he was only sub 10 PPR points one time. Definitely returned value. Even more so with all the first round busts.
  8. The worst was him running onto the field to "give encouragement" to Heinicke between snaps. Like it's Fitz and Tua.
  9. I mean it really depends on your other options at this point. With all the injuries and stuff, I don't think he's a bad start. Hopefully, he's not your RB1. It's just been such a crapshoot with him depending on if he gets a TD or not.
  10. They'd be down to their 4th stringer actually with Kyle Allen out for the season.
  11. Edit...those numbers above were for Standard. Only one game sub 10 (9.5) game in PPR.
  12. With a depleted O-Line and Dalton at the helm, he probably is. I'll always prioritize a good slot WR in that situation (assuming PPR).
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