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  1. Not to mention, there is some possibility (maybe even a likelihood) that Carrol let’s Russ cook more than years past.
  2. Whatever they do, they need to get away from a touchdown wins the game for the receiving team. Even if it's a simple as starting teams on their own 35.
  3. So you are playing semantics. "There are two types of charges that could result in a person needing to appear in court. Some charges are criminal, meaning there was a crime committed against the state (this includes harm done to another person). Some charges are civil, meaning there is a dispute between two individuals. Usually criminal charges are much more severe offenses than civil charges. In fact there are many differences between the two. " And here's something from Merriam Webster (whoever that is) 4a : to make an assertion against especially by ascribing guilt or bl
  4. wtf. Have you ever considered that the women not in your life might have a completely different set of circumstances?
  5. Sorry but me "agreeing to disagree" is something I'd apply to the argument I have with ajs723 about the value of Aaron Jones. In this case, you're objectively wrong.
  6. Sorry...but you're dead wrong and clearly don't understand what "being forced to" means.
  7. I'm not. Seemed like you were questioning the word, "charges". Maybe you could elaborate on what you were getting at. Here's what was said: You: What charges? Me: Nine charges of sexual assault is too much smoke unless they prove all these women to be conspirers.
  8. Yep. Depending on the individual circumstance.
  9. So by your logic, if a man broke into a home and told a woman to have sex with him or he'd kill her, she still had a "choice"?
  10. Because the definition of "force" isn't constrained to physical danger. Nor should it be.
  11. Here's a legal definition of force "Power, violence, compulsion, or constraint exerted upon or against a person or thing."
  12. Terrible take. From both a legal and moral standpoint.
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