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  1. 2 weeks for a sprained finger?.....s--- like this makes me miss players like Iverson even more
  2. that is a tough one....Hopkins is such a beast, who never gets hurt...and will have his QB back....Barkley is set up to be huge, but, the rookie thing always makes me a bit wary...kamara is def last on my list.....so, I will say Hopkins, Barkley, Kamara....
  3. I feel Evans is just the bigger talent.. his QB situation is precarious..but, still...I'd go with the talent
  4. yeah, some risky WR's...robinson inj/bears offense...Edelman/inj/suspended...Fuller/has his qb back, so that helps.......im a "wait on qb" guy, but, cant tell what WR/TE were avail in the 5th, so, Rodgers may have been the best option...
  5. "QBs have crap trade value. There are too many viable ones. " ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- one would think... but, I have seen it go down many times...
  6. agree.. hard to advocate that strategy, ...however, I will say this.. a top tier QB and/or TE can make some good trade bait...
  7. yeah, if Amari comes out hot... maybe package him and cohen for a solid RB...
  8. - cant go wrong with zeke and green....but, im not a bigger believer in the rest of the squad ...not to say it wont work out...I just would not draft them...
  9. Hilton, Diggs and Fitz were all gone by then. Fitz 1 pick ahead of me." -- shoot, tough one..
  10. oh, im aware Davis is the backup...just saying, as a previous Reed and Davis owner.. it can be frustrating...especially, with reed trying to play and then coming out or playing injured and not producing..
  11. hard to resist the siren song of Jordan Reed.... if he stays on the field, that is huge, obviously, just too big of an "if" for me, but, could pay off huge for a 10th rounder, ......if Watson is even at 80% of his pre-injury self, he is big, although, im a "wait on qb" guy......I think I would have preferred a ty Hilton./diggs/fitz in the 4rth...
  12. cant go wrong with Hopkins.....I like engram, but, not sure he will get the same looks as last year, if all Giants are healthy, not sure when you drafted him, but, could probably wait on TE...I think Fournette will be fine/healthy......but, yeah, Mckinnon, Gordon, and Collins, im a bit more iffy on...im less concerned with QB, as in a 10 teamer, should always be able to find someone and im guessing you waited on same, which I always think is a good strategy ...
  13. yep, RB's are nice..damn..well done on that ....but, yeah, maybe took a hit at WR....Im thinking if Mixon can get off to a good start, pair him with Goodwin for like a t.hill or Baldwin....and yeah, I would probably look to grab another QB of waiver wire if avail....
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