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  1. Most fantasy points scored in league. Yet record is 5-8 and I miss playoffs, thanks 2020.
  2. I feel like it's a yay, but I'm uncertain on Mixon's injury status. My current team is in signature. PPR h2h league.
  3. I have Dalvin Cook he’s currently in the IR slot. I feel like have more WR issues than RB issues atm.
  4. I might rename my roster the 2020 roster b/c that’s what it feels like so far. I’m currently highest scoring team in league, but my record is 1-4.QB: Tom BradyRB: Aaron Jones, Todd Gurley IIWR: Julio Jones, DJ MooreTE: Jonnu Smith Flex: Antonio GibsonDST: ChiefsK: BullockBench: Russell Wilson *Bye*, Keenan Allen *Bye*, Cee Dee Lamb, blankIR: Delvin Cook Obviously I needed to get Mattison over CD Lamb. Julio Julian was listed as injured most of this week so I needed a WR and Wilson/Allen are on byes. The system allowed just allowed me today to put Cook in the IR spot hence the *blank* spot, an
  5. QB: Russell Wilson RB: Dalvin Cook, Aaron Jones, Todd Gurley II, Leonard Fournette, Antonio Gibson WR: Julio Jones, DJ Moore, Keenan Allen, Julian Edelman TE: Jared Cook DST: Saints K: Matt Prater
  6. 10 team league we play 2 QB's and we only have 4 bench spots Current Roster: Record 5-1 QB: Matt Ryan QB: Jameis Winston *Bye* RB: David Johnson *Questionable* RB: David Montgomery WR: Julio Jones *Questionable* WR: DJ Moore *Bye* TE: Jared Cook *Questionable* DST: Patriots K: Harrison Butler Bench: Antonio Brown (WR), James White (RB), Emmanuel Sanders (WR), Courtland Sutton (WR) ( only 4 bench spots) If all the *Questionable* players are out along with the bye week people, it might be tough to fill the roster out for this week.
  7. Won the 1st league and took 3rd in the 2nd league. Very close to winning the 2nd league I had 3 pitchers (Giolito, Junis, German) get shut down or sent to bullpen during the middle of the that scoring week. TBF I believe my opponent also lost Ketel Marte during that week. My team would have outscored the champion team by 90 pts with the new team additions (I picked up Manaea, Duffy, and Lyles for replacements as I was winning the semi's until Sunday night).
  8. 10 team league: start 2 QB, .5 per reception. QB: Matt Ryan QB: Jameis Winston RB: David Johnson RB: David Montgomery WR: Julio Jones WR: Antonio Brown TE: Jared Cook Flex: Sony Michel DST: Patriots K: Harrison Butker Bench: RB's- James White, Peyton Barber; WR's DJ Moore, Emmanuel Sanders
  9. We might get 2 starts from Cole next week if he's indeed scheduled for Tuesday.
  10. They finally fixed it for Cole. Frustrating for me though. It's first playoff week for me and it looks like Buehler's 2nd start on Sunday start got pushed to Monday. Meaning I miss a start now and we get 1 start replacement due to injury or rotation change. So now I get to lobby for a start replacement after the Cole deal. But it makes it feel/look like I'm manipulating the system. I could just leave it as is b/c I'm up 168 to 102 as of now. I have 3 pitchers left he has 4. I should win anyhow, but you never know with baseball.
  11. So does Gerrit Cole have 1 or 2 starts this week? In our cbs league we only get 7 starts per week. For Cole it's saying he's going to pitch the 28th vs TB and then the 30th vs TOR, which puts me at 8 starts for the week. But there's no way that's correct, unless Houston is trying to break Cole's arm right before heading into playoffs.
  12. Nvm CBS is being derby. It's trying to tell me Cole's going to pitch on the 28th then 2days later on the 30th. I don't think so. Great timing for it to derp out when teams are either in playoffs or pushing to get in playoffs.
  13. It's playoff week, we only get 7 starts, and I have like 12 pitchers with 2 starts this week. * = I feel as my must start I have choose 3 Pitchers out of the following Gerrit Cole (TB vs Yarbrough, @TOR vs TBD)* Walker Buehler (@SD vs Quantrill, @ ARI vs Young) Luis Castillo (@Mia vs Smith, @STL vs Wacha) Lucas Giolito (MIN vs Pineda, @ATL Teheran) and then 1 SP of either Reynaldo Lopez (@ATL vs Keuchel) or Zack Plesac (@TB vs TBD) for the 1 SP it would be Plesac for better matchup. Then it's a toss up between Buehler/Castillo/Giolito I'm current
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