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  1. He took a 96 mph fastball to the hand, any sane manager would have given him a day off after that. But I'm sure you know better than this Charlie "Montoya" guy you keep referring to...
  2. I'm assuming Edwin is going to be the full-time DH like he was for Toronto a few years back. Voit at 1st, Stanton in left, etc.
  3. Nothing like a series at Coors to pump up the ol' trade value...
  4. He's more than earned a temporary cold streak imo, I'm not worried
  5. Remember, he's gonna be facing these punchless AL Central offenses all year long...
  6. I guess I can understand that, but again, anyone who drafted him knew beforehand that this would be the case. If you invested a high pick into an ultimately unproven rookie expecting that he would come in and hit like Barry Bonds from day 1 then that’s just poor judgment in my opinion. I personally got him in the 6th round and made sure to go after other options at 3B. If you used a 4th rounder or higher on him then I can see why you might be underwhelmed but that’s the risk you signed up for by reaching for him. All of this is just massive overreaction. He could break out and go on a tear any day now - it’s just way too early to be panicking.
  7. What? He has literally only played 9 games since being called up. Is he supposed to produce stats in games he doesn’t play in now?
  8. If you own this guy, you went out of your way to draft a rookie with zero big league experience who you also knew would likely miss the entire first month of the season. Now because he hasn't instantly become Willie Mays 2.0 after two weeks you're panicking? I don't get it but hey, if his performance is really so 'unacceptable' go ahead and drop him.
  9. He's looking pretty bad out there right now... Back-to-back 4-pitch walks...
  10. Homers and multiple hits in 3 straight...
  11. Lol. If he leaves, he's a snake, traitor, ring-chaser, etc. If he stays, he's 'soft'.
  12. If he's not injured, he's not going to be 'shut down'. I don't know where some people get this notion that any good player on a non-playoff team just gets told to go home after a certain point of the season. We literally just saw with the AD saga how the league feels about healthy players being held out.
  13. Another stinker...is this guy a drop? Was kinda hoping a home matchup against Detroit would get him going but I guess not
  14. What do we think happens with this guy once LeVert comes back? I was originally going to sell but he seems to have hit his stride lately and I feel it's pretty likely LeVert is on a minutes restriction for a little while at least.
  15. What a soft beta bum Jimmy was right all along amirite guys
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