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  1. Vucevic + Lauri together is terrible defensively and since Vucevic is much better than Lauri, there's no real need to have both of them on the court at both times. Yeah Lauri might spread the floor, but he's been pretty streaky all season and the games where he's not getting his shots, they're allowing a ton of points. Theis isn't as good of a shooter as Lauri, but is far better defensively and works better with Vucevic. If Lauri signed his extension, the Bulls would be inclined to play him more and develop him, but he didn't and he hasn't shown any reason to get more minutes over Theis or to
  2. Lmao. Why don't you go to basketballmonster right now and go see his cat production values. He's literally negative in everything besides blocks and he's 0.10 for turnovers - unless you legitimately think he's going to be a perennial 57% shooter. Jesus christ this part of the forum is so much more toxic than fantasy baseball
  3. Lol. This forum is laughably sad sometimes. Myles Turner and Brook Lopez. Regardless, how does someome that has almost 5,000 comments, think 9 games is enough to crown anyone pickup of the year or steal of the year. Are people who give counterpoints to players that are extremely hot kind of a downer? Yeah, they are, but you gotta have some serious mental issues to have such a short term memory. Just last season people were jerking off to Luke Kennard, Payton, Dillon Brooks, Gary Trent, Kevin Huerter, PJ Washington, and countless of other players that looked like they were break
  4. "I don’t know,'' Morton said Tuesday after a pre-spring workout. "If I throw really well and I feel really good, it’s going to be a tough decision. But if either one of those things happen, where I’m not pitching really well, or I’m not healthy, then, yeah, I’m not going to play.'' And this article is from more recent. https://www.mlb.com/news/charlie-morton-unsure-about-playing-past-2020 From what he's said, it sounds like this wouldn't be how he would want to leave the game unless the Rays win the World Series seeing that he said he wanted to do the organization right. I'd spe
  5. That's the thing though. And it's harder when they're people just looking up the statsheet and basing rankings solely on what comes off on the statsheet. Someone that watches a 3-5 teams everyday is going to be a better judge of a player than someone who just looks up the stats of 30 people a night or just watches gif breakdowns. Stats are empty without the context and that's what Nick does lol. That's why I said if you're not on Nick's favored list at the beginning of the year, no matter how well a player does, they're not breaking into top 20 and he'll just come up with excuses. And it's fru
  6. Lol. Kim could do this for the rest of the season and Nick won't change his opinion. The only time he changes opinions about players is when its a fresh season and he hopes people forgot about what he said so adamantly last season. He practically had Plesac in trash tier just last season and when I made the argument that he's much better than his showing he refused to budge.
  7. Kwang Hyun Kim vs CIN (W) – 6.0 IP, 0 ER, 3 Hits, 0 BBs, 3 Ks – 8 Whiffs, 33% CSW. So we finally saw Kim at 80+ pitches and it was as good as you could hope for. Excellent four-seamer command nailing the outside edge to right-handers (though, I’m not too much of a fan of that approached), while he danced his slider around the edges for outs. It’s awfully Toby-esque and I guess that’s fine with us. He’s throwing sub 90 mph, FWIW, and in most cases, just reserve him for a streaming option. PL is good for just an elementary analysis, and once in a while they have a in depth analysis o
  8. Some people here probably only read Pitcherlist write ups and take it as gospel. Nick does a lot of grunt work for beginner to casual fantasy baseball players, but dude is just completely off on a lot of people that he doubles down on because he can't get rid of biases. Kim's probably the best pitcher to come from the KBO since Ryu. At best, you picked up a pitcher that'll produce similar levels to Ryu, and at worst, he's a end of rotation guy for your lineup.
  9. Isn't repairing MCL a multi month recovery process anyway? They have no reason to rush Oubre back this season too.
  10. We might all have some stupid takes throughout the season, but just know none of them are as stupid as this.
  11. If you're so upset then why are you even playing H2H then lmao. The luck factor along with the variance is a feature of the game. And it's good for banter between friends. There's a reason why roto exists. And eltoro isn't even talking about just drafting for schedule. You can always make trades during the season to get players with better playoffs schedules. At the end of the day, everyone who's played fantasy for a long enough time knows that **** HAPPENS.
  12. ITT: People calling players dealing with injuries as busts.
  13. Mikal is not as offensively versatile as Oubre is. He can't iso like Oubre did, so the extra shots he'll be getting are going to fluctuate since it'll mostly be from cuts, catch and shoots, and fast breaks.
  14. Imagine saying drop city every time Favors doesn't get 10-10 instead of just dropping him and not coming back to this thread. Jfc these "discussion" threads should just be renamed circlejerk.
  15. Felt like he was moving off the ball well, especially since he came from the Nuggets. DLO and James Johnson were ball stoppers today and killed any offensive rhythm.
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