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  1. My opinion he’s a 2-3 assists guy he’s at 1. I understand the blocks part but he’s a SF not a PF which he’s playing I get it.
  2. Appreciate y’all input I’m high on Zion just because I think the blocks and assists will be there. Collins is my guy just worries me seems like they don’t want him there and probably gets traded.
  3. I got offered Zion for Collins I’m worried about Collins mins. What y’all think about this trade?
  4. No we’re just expecting 10-11 points that’s all I want in my flex.
  5. What ahaha why would you start Vance over Waller ? I’m I missing something here.
  6. As a Raider fan this is the week you start him our secondary has been horrible and that’s being nice.
  7. I just got offered Kirk for Hilton FYI I have Kirk I’m probably gonna except because I might have a first round bye. A lil risky but I don’t know if I can take the first place team unless I do this .
  8. Up by 38 he has R.Wilson,DK and Sanders I’m praying right now I don’t even wanna watch the game.
  9. I really think he’s bout to go off ROS I’m in the minority but the browns have a very easy schedule.
  10. If healthy I think he’s a top 25 WR the rest of the way the Raiders schedule is really easy from here on out and he’s by far the number 1 other than Waller.
  11. I give up Mike Evans for John brown , Cohen, Aj Green I like the trade I just don’t wanna give up a top12 Wr but I need the depth.
  12. What do you guys think of trades involving Mahomes is everyone staying put?
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