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  1. Tannehill stepped in a team that had weapons waiting for a QB that can throw the ball. Outside of Robinson, Bears suck.
  2. Guy can easily be the best WR in the game if the Titans offense was a pass first.
  3. Why is Nagy still the coach? The moron has no knowledge of the game.
  4. Josh Allen 1st halt stats 100 yards, 12/23 1 TD [and thats TD he had, thanks to a KC special team play] Lmao. Yeah such a top 5 QB, folks!
  5. Keep up boy. And understand why im bringing Tannehill in this debate.
  6. Allen Boys already made up their excuses for their choke artist media darling whore Josh Allen lol. Tannehill shreded this Chiefs team with a 3rd string LT and a backup RT under helm. No doubt in my mind would Tannehill perform better in this game than Josh Alleb.
  7. Buffalo oline is argubly the best in the NFL -- giving Allen plenty of time and yet Allen cant hit any reciever in strides.
  8. Tannehill had a better run last year to the AFC Title game than the darling boy Allen.
  9. Tannehill shreded Chiefs defense last year in the regular season.
  10. Ryan Tannehill makes better accurate passes than Josh Allen.
  11. Already making excuses for the darling boy Allen ?
  12. Josh Allen just sucks and cant keep up. Chiefs defense is mediocre. Allen just stinks
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