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  1. Still feeling strong about that Cowboys O-Line?
  2. You maybe the only person that either plays FF or studies it, that is unwilling or unable to see a regression in the Offensive Line as a contributing factor in his full 1 YPC drop from the year prior. I don't recall reading him missing a terrible amount of practice time, after all he wasn't spending days in court or traveling for the appearances far for all that matter either. And at the age of 21, still shouldn't be a concern. I choose to look at more obvious factors that contributed to it. So to succinctly answer your questions again : Yes ~ The O-Line contributed, not what it w
  3. They are not a good one, In total yards yielded they were 8th, yes. Everything else that matters they were middle of the road or worse.
  4. To be clear you blamed all the woes of the down year from the O -line on his injury. 'Assuming'... I happen to think they will not regain the dominance of prior years which Elliott enjoyed the tail end of as a Rookie. And to be clear, back injuries can flare up at any time, and since you hinged everything on his back health, I will bet there are more factors involved than simple that. Losing Witten will also make it that much harder to regain their prior dominance. To be clear. And I'd be remiss to mention EE did enter the season heavier and a bit out of shape and it showed. He did look b
  5. Not to worry, Blake Jarwin or Rico Gathers or whoever will be far superior then I'm sure.
  6. Well in anyones reality, they were worse last year than the years prior. But you just keep assuming that they'll be great, and that yard per carry drop is not reality but in fact a mirage in my own distorted matrix, then you're right. I'm sure it had absolutely nothing with them being lesser, and Tyron Smith's back injury you can blame all on which in any case will never ever rear it's ugly head again... in reality that never happens either. And in my reality, Witten blocked a lot and contributes to the O-Line production but why mention that, it doesn't matter outside of my own Rabbit Hole any
  7. Seems you're 'assuming' a lot. Considering his YPC dropped by almost a full yard, from 2016, I wouldn't assume that but losing Witten will only increase the chances of them regaining that dominance according to your prognosis.
  8. What are you related to Jerry Jones or something? The team had one of the worst Defenses in the league, as pointed out...couldn't cover or rush the passer. But I'm sure they'll be 'top 10' as well too.
  9. You know what will be even tougher? Replacing his blocking ability that made him among the top to ever to play. But hey, I'm sure you thought of that already as well.
  10. Maybe you'd like to read and quote my whole post instead of cherrypicking? But see what you like, I'm sure you see a dominant year from them this season too.
  11. Because they're young means they're good? I didn't know that at a certain age you're automatically better than the guy in front of you, or the one who was a Pro Bowler before you. I think with a bit of research there isn't anyone who's saying the offensive line will be as good as past dominant seasons.
  12. Initially I was making him my top 'get' based on his usage and talent but the more I think about how pedestrian Dak looked when needed to up his game, and the overall downgrading of the team, I don't like the odds. Which lets face it, is what we're doing here, playing odds we're right. I just don't see nearly the TD opportunities of the past and as you said, you come in to stop him... there isn't much else for a Defense to worry about.
  13. Unless Dak makes a huge 3rd year leap with a cast of Rookies and Roles players outside of Zeke, it's going to be a long year of 8 and 9 man boxes. As good as he is, you can't do much with a deteriorating O-line and no one to take off the heat, including a bad Defense. I'll be looking elsewhere with my top 5 picks.
  14. It's a bit over reaction. I don't like many trades that go down in my Dynos, but barring obvious collusion which this gives no indication, it stands. In the grand scheme of trades I've seen far far worse, this isn't terribly lopsided at all.
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