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  1. Votto looking really good tonight. 3/3, couple runs, an RBI, and a SB. Hasn’t lived up to his draft value thus far, but is trending very well as we head towards the break.
  2. This dude has been “as advertised.” Rock solid average, growing power, great counting stats. Love where he’s batting (3-5) in a Red Sox lineup that’s heating up (looking at you, Benintendi). I think he has a shot at ~220 R+RBI, which would be fantastic. If he could pick up the speed a tick, get to around 10-12 SBs, that’d be icing on the cake. Well worth the 4th/5th round draft capital. He’s really gotten into gear this past month or so.
  3. Obviously, Manny ending up in San Diego isn’t ideal for fantasy purposes. But I agree with others who have said his value won’t take a huge hit. Petco isn’t a hitters park by any stretch, but I doubt it’ll hurt his power or average too much (I have him down for 32 homers and a ~.280 average, both of which would be great in my opinion). I don’t think there’s any reason to believe it alone will turn him into anything less than an ‘elite’ fantasy asset, now or in the future. Additionally, given the Padres’ running tendencies (top-8 in the MLB in attempts per game the last few years),
  4. I personally wouldn’t draft him before round 10 because of efficiency question marks, but I like his long term outlook. He’s got unlimited range and a very good passer. I think he’ll grow stronger/more athletic as he gets older, making his life easier than it’ll be starting out. I will also say that I’d be incredibly surprised if Young doesn’t see 25+ minutes per game over the course of this season. The Hawks don’t have the intention or talent to compete, which means they’ll have to find some way to gets fans in the seats. Young brings the hype and energy the Hawks can sell, which
  5. They’re really close in my book. If KD only plays ~68 games this year, you’re definitely right. I personally think he’ll play closer to 75, which is why I give him the edge, but I have Steph ranked under him for this very reason. Don’t see him playing 65+ games this year.
  6. If he can approach or eclipse 2 steals + blocks, I think his value could approach that top 50 threshold. He’s a solid rebounder, good scorer, and doesn’t kill you from the charity stripe (shot just over 70% last year). His lack of assists and fairly low minutes (don’t see him reaching 30 MPG) dings him a bit, but I’d love to have him in the back half of the fifth round or later.
  7. I don’t see any major changes coming to KAT’s profile next season (especially with Butler/Wiggins still in the squad), but that’s not a bad thing by any means. He’s incredibly consistent and durable, which are huge pluses. Headed into next year, I’ll have him around #4 on my draft board, trailing only Davis, Harden, and KD,
  8. The amazing thing about last year is that he averaged the second most free throws per game of his career (5.1) and still hit just over 60% of them (3.1), which is a mark about 19% higher than his next best season. If that number keeps creeping up and his assists stay around where they were last year, he’ll be a no doubt top 20 option with Round 1 upside.
  9. Yeah, that shot he hit tonight got out in a hurry. My Reds need to find the man some more playing time, cut bait on either Hamilton or Duvall.
  10. Tribe going bat shizz crazy against my Reds. 13 runs with no outs in the bottom of the 4th. Jose Ramirez owners: your boy is having himself quite the game.
  11. Yeah, dude’s en fuego. Has been dominant since coming off the DL. He’s raised his WRC+ by over 70 points since he got back in June.
  12. I think you’re dead on: while the talent you’d be receiving could address some needs, this is a trade you’d look back on in a few years and kick yourself. Value isn’t there.
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