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  1. You sure don’t play him if he shows up anywhere on the injury report. He does not play well even with slight tweaks.
  2. Some interesting analysis, but I’m highly skeptical. After watching CLE and then looking at snap counts, they play in 3 wide sets at least 67% and often up to 80% of the time on offense. I not sure how Chubb is facing loaded boxes on 1/3rd of his carries as is alleged given how often CLE goes 3 wide. Teams are isolating DBs in man-to-man coverage with no float help that often (the alternative is that opposing Ds are just letting at least one WR run uncovered)? I don’t think so...
  3. I don’t believe that is accurate. The NFL and NFLPA came to a settlement in 2010 over whether suspended Vincent Jackson could be traded, and in 2017 CLE was looking to trade suspended Josh Gordon.
  4. So you’re predicting rush yardage numbers that he’s hit twice in the regular season in his career, and simultaneously TD numbers that he’s hit twice in the regular season in his career, against the #11 run D in the NFL? I’ll take some action on the under.
  5. According to the coaching staff, he is a stud on STs. Those guys are very valuable to NFL teams. That probably seals his spot on the roster and was as much a reason for matching DET’s offer as his being a backup RB familiar with the O.
  6. Yeah. No good RBs ever come out of any conference except power 5 schools. Thanks for bringing me back to reality.
  7. Why the hell is Reid holding this guy back? Pretty obvious that both Williams are complete turds. How could Thompson possibly be worse?
  8. For those of you in start 11 or CB broken out leagues, 2nd year CB Tre Herndon is starting in JAX with Ramsey being traded. He played 100% of D snaps while Ramsey sat out and lead the team in tackles last week. Probably available for a minimum bid right now on your WW and looks to have some decent upside.
  9. From what I am gathering, there is no way to project Reeder moving forward. He only played 62% of D snaps last week and looked to have ousted Hager completely. Then LA acquired Kenny Young from BAL and that threw Reeder’s share into complete flux again. Young looked good at times in BAL and could displace Reeder, share with him, or end up as depth. I can’t find any strong handle on the situation.
  10. Mayo is a good call with NY being so shorthanded at LB. He’s mediocre but there’s going to be a lot of opportunity. Allen is interesting. Been getting it done with both tackles and sacks. He did do it against O-lines that have been struggling. Worth a look though for sure.
  11. Edmunds is more consistent and Poyer has higher upside due to big plays. Is your scoring slanted to tackles or splash plays? Also, if you’re a solid favorite then maybe settle for Edmunds points. If you’re the underdog it might be worth starting Poyer.
  12. How much more often will this myth be perpetuated? Dam Will had almost 25% fewer snaps than McCoy last game.
  13. Now is the time to strike a deal for Dam Williams. He can still function in this offense if Reid finally would give up on his RBBC, but his price was way too high earlier given those that somehow figured he was a latent stud. Dar Williams is a lesser talent than Dam Will, and he was the one who screwed the pooch on the pass blocking that caused the Mahomes fumble right before the half. Shady still looks completely lost on some plays. A JAG like Dam Will who just does his job and performs consistently might start looking good to Reid after he watches the game tapes o
  14. Looks like Follow The Leader was up to speed on Morrow a week ago. Sorry about that. I don’t check in here a lot given the format, and I got into it with a mod when they tried to pin a thread on the main FF page covering all of IDP, which I thought was not such a good idea given how diverse IDP is and forcing it all into one thread was going to drive people away, not attract them. I’d so love to see some real commitment to the subject.
  15. BTW, another LB you ought to be taking a long look at is Nick Morrow. OAK had a bye this week and he, like Johnson, is probably sitting on your WW. Gruden has been gushing about him for a while and the Burfict suspension has opened opportunity both for he and Whitehead to post numbers in OAK. Whitehead ought to be rostered as depth at a minimum in start 11 leagues, but Morrow is the young, hungry, up-and-comer that you can get dirt cheap right now.
  16. AJ Johnson is the guy you are looking for. He just stole Jewell’s job and I’m guessing he won’t give it back. Interesting story of a guy who was run out of the University of Tennessee and was black balled by the NFL due to a false rape allegation. Now that the legal matters are behind him, DEN rolled the dice and picked him up despite his being out of football for a few years. The guy was a prolific playmaker at UT and has kept himself busy with MMA while he was waiting for his court case to play out. Looks like DEN has found the ILB that will make their D function again and Jo
  17. Yeah. Playing more productive players just doesn’t seem to work in the NFL or in FF. Good point. I concede that I must just be stupid. My bad.
  18. Just don’t send me the kind you watch. It seems a bit ... skewed, shall we say?
  19. Hate it do you? So you think Henderson brings less to the table than Brown? And it was obvious, I guess.
  20. Yes, you’re right. 11 touches for 40 yards is about the same as 7 touches for 48 yards. In your reality, which is where we’re supposed to discuss this stuff I guess. That one catch Henderson had that you are so dismissive of? That was one more catch than Brown had in much less time on the field. Who knows what Henderson could have done if he wasn’t sitting on the side watching Brown do his usual plodding. LA may have still lost, but maybe they would have been more competitive.
  21. Brown is posting a sub-4.0 ypa. That’s not good. And Henderson posting good numbers and then being relegated to the bench for a long stretch just seems dumb.
  22. Well, Henderson was significantly more productive. But what HC needs that to complicate his offense?
  23. No one knows who “the guy” is if Gurley is out. I’m not sure how anyone extrapolates a guy whose last 4 games amounted to 15 total carries and 1 total catch in 3 total targets as the workhorse if Gurley were to sit. Brown has shown emphatically in his career - including in games this year - that he is a 4.0 ypa JAG. I do know that given Brown’s history and what Henderson did at Memphis that it is absolutely reasonable and rational that FFers could be much more enthusiastic about Henderson's upside when compared to Brown’s proven career as a NFL RB. To date, McVay could just be o
  24. Lot of dirt being shoveled onto a 24 yr old QB who is 18 starts into his career.
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