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  1. Another solid game today. Game winning RBI. Really enjoy watching the way McMahon works the count in every AB. I'm holding confidently in a 12 team mixed league.
  2. Don't see many cycles where the player in question finishes with 1 run and 1 RBI. That's a red flag on the supporting cast.
  3. Seems like the only convincing going on here is you trying to convince yourself that McMahon isn't swinging a good stick. The guy is locked in, regardless of how you think Sergio Romo looked last night.
  4. Yeah, this guy can't be stopped right now. Another RBI XBH.
  5. Looks like he's headed to Baltimore as a part of the Machado deal.
  6. 415 feet at the launch angle in which he hit the ball is what made it spectacular. I may be wrong, but I want to say it's the first HR of its kind in the Statcast era. That's significant
  7. Glad to finally see a thread for this guy. As a Pete Alonso owner, I've followed him step by step all season (was promoted from Binghamton to Vegas on the same day as Alonso). At some point, you have to drop the nagging hunch to ignore this guy and start paying attention. I think we've reached that point - especially considering the 2B eligibility.
  8. Nice thread & tout. Homered again tonight, making back to back nights leaving the yard. Started at 2B as well. Really excited about his potential!
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