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  1. Punting FT% Capela, Mitchell & Klay if you're thinking long-term win. Paul, Capela, Mitchell if you're winning now. Not punting/Need to win FT% Mitchell, Klay, Paul
  2. I'd take the deal as is, but doesn't hurt to push for more.
  3. I see it in your sig now.... duh. Still going to go with Kyrie & Wall.
  4. Where are you picking in next year's draft? Can you get close to or equal value for your top round guys? I'm new to keepers, but what makes sense to me is to keep value and draft the higher ADP players b/c they put up similar numbers. So, in that vein, I'd keep AG (100%, I'm keeping him with a 6th round cost), Harris (I'm keeping with a 13th round cost), and Richardson. They are going to absolutely crush those ADPs you have listed = 100% chance of being better than anyone available in that round.
  5. Context? I'm guessing keeper, what are the league settings? Wall & Kyrie are way more reliable in producing certain stats, but you might not be getting a lot of hits/comments b/c we're not sure if it's H2H, 9-cat vs. 8-cat, etc.
  6. You have three of my potential keepers, but I'm going to respond with the one I DON'T have: Richardson. I think it depends on what your team build is going to be, especially for H2H, but if it were a roto league I don't think this would be a question. My second choice would be Harris, then third would be Allen who I view as another "raw" candidate this upcoming season and someone you could potentially snag with your second or even third rounder... not sure what your league values when you say "competitive" b/c I don't think he'll be worth higher than a mid-round by end of the season. So IMO, s
  7. Lol, laughable question dude. Who has carried no-name teams to the finals multiple times? Not curry, sorry to say.
  8. Tyreke 100%. Numbers will be there, even if Boogie is "back" he won't have nearly the same usage.
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