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  1. That could be? I thought it was 3 rounds, but I get confused easily.
  2. Dear John, You have stolen my pick. I had dude written down, in pen!
  3. I think he will be a good match to Scary Terry and will not be affected by the virus. Man these last few pick have really drug on. So close to the finish!
  4. What was the trade? The details may lead to another smack battle!
  5. Round 2 complete. Round 3 OTC, is order the same??
  6. Anyone want to trade their 2nd or 3rd round pick I’m open for business. Only use this Websight for this league so I will probably miss messages on here. Feel free to text me with offers. 317-828-1063. Let me know what team you are. LJax, Cmac, Saquon, Slayton, Goedart and Metcalf are probably staying put for this season unless you can really wow me. The rest of my squad is up for grabs.
  7. If the smack talk battle is over I will make my pick. KeShawn Vaughn RB TB
  8. Back 2 Back!!!!! Is ready to go Back to Back to Back!!!! Unless one of you fine gentleman would like to stop me! (Insert evil laugh) Also does anyone know the proper spelling for 3peat?
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