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  1. I don't think you have to overpay by the amount of Arob+ for a QB, but if you find an offer that is reasonable I'd take it. I agree that someone like Trubisky or even Tyrod should be your target.
  2. It is, both PPR and Dynasty, if that leans it for you. You don't think Davis will break out year 2? I'm worried about DJ because of the other targets Cam has- plus he runs it a lot. Just seems like he won't get as many targets
  3. This is a 10 team league, Best Ball Scoring, start QB/QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX Here are the main points of my team: Wilson/Wentz/Mayfield/T. Taylor Hunt/D. Cook/Hyde/Chubb/Gore/Ito MT/Evans/Diggs/Doctson/C. Coleman/Lockett/G. Allison/DJ Moore/Anthony Miller/DeaSean Hamilton Engram/Rudolph/Gesicki
  4. Fournette for me as well. I'd take group B, by a pretty good margin.
  5. Which side do you guys like? Sony, Corey Davis, Chris Thompson or Dalvin, DJ Moore, Breida thanks! WHIR!
  6. I'd take that deal. A RB is going to be harder to come by after the first few weeks than a WR that needs to fill your FLEX
  7. I recently finished 2 different 30 round startups (with 10 devy before that). I thought it went great- and things continued to be interesting until the end. I like deeper drafts and rosters- it pays off more for those who dig a little deeper on the players. Plus, when its time for any redraft leagues you do you have a heads up on players later in those drafts.
  8. Thanks! Yeah- that's pretty much it. It comes down to how much of a risk do I want to put into Julio. And, is Diggs far enough behind that adding a first round pick in Moore is worth it? The cliff for Julio could be just around the corner- and the Diggs potential is huge. Thanks for the input, than help!
  9. Hi all, first /RB/RBpost on these forums- looks like a lot of good engagement and posters helping each other out! I have this one trade that has been nagging at me, and so far results have been split. This is a 10 team league, Best Ball Scoring, start QB/QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/FLEX I would Send: Diggs and DJ Moore I would get: Julio and Tre'Quan Smith I'm in a position to win it all, I won the regular season last year by a few games. Do I take the Stud in Julio and go for it? Or keep the youth/upside/depth by holding Diggs and Moore? Here are the main
  10. Keenan all the way for me. Full season last year, even if he gets hurt for a couple games, Gordon's risk is a lifetime ban from the NFL. I'm taking the guy who proved it last year, and that I know will still be in the league in 2 years.
  11. If you have even a shot at getting an RB1 that late I'd go for it.
  12. In rebuild I'm on the Shepard/Chubb side. Shepard will get targets this year, even with OBJ back. The Giants offense is going to explode this year. Chubb might not get the numbers this year, but in a rebuild you can afford to wait. Because, once he gets the keys he could very well end up the top RB in this class (outside Barkley, probably). Too many mouths to feed in Cleveland for me.
  13. Any other names you think would end up on Waivers? A Seals-Jones, or Everett maybe?
  14. That sounds about right. I'd say the first QB can go as soon as 1.2. The rest of the top 4 should be gone before the 2nd round. I'd aim for the 1.05 in a trade, to be safe.
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