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  1. So you would take his Soto, Andres Giminez, Hilliard and Robinson for my Walsh, Tucker, Robert, Hampson? Would you see if he would do Soto, Eloy Jiminez and Robinson instead? I think i was not clear that he is offering Andres Giminez not Eloy Jiminez....
  2. Not sure if it is enough. In my league, hitters are valued way higher than pitchers...not sure about your league. Adding one of your outfielders might not be enough. I may be tempted to pick up Mountcastle.
  3. Positionally you need the SS...do it.
  4. 18 team dynasty. I have been offered Soto, Andres Giminez, Kristian Robinson and Sam Hilliard for Luis Robert. Kyle Tucker, Jared Walsh and Garrett Hampson. I think I am giving way too much in this deal. What would be a fair counter? He has Eloy as well. Is Soto, Eloy and Kristian Robinson too little for Walsh, Robert, Tucker and Hampson? I realize Soto is a top 3 guy but I feel like the drop off to Tucker or Robert is not that far. Am I right or do I have a bias and am overvaluing my own guys?
  5. Thanks for the response... I guess in my mind I was thinking that the duo of Rodriguez and Bohm is better than Robert and Jung. I guess that is the question I was asking as all are very young. Which side wins?
  6. Offered Bohm and Julio Rodriguez for my Luis Robert and Josh Jung. I am rebuilding in a deep league. Robert is alot to give up but I see it as Robert > Rodriguez for now and Bohm>Jung for now. Does this trade make sense for me or should I hang onto Robert and Jung? The other guy would take Groshans if that makes a difference. League is an ops league...18 teams. Thanks
  7. Are they active players? I would consider replacing them if they can’t even set keepers. Assuming you have given appropriate notice to your league, this seems like an indication that they are not interested in taking the league seriously or they have bailed on the league.
  8. I“ll take one if available. ontariojoe1@yahoo.ca
  9. I am interested in this team. ontariojoe1@yahoo.ca. The team is a real rebuild...sending application now
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