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  1. i agree with most here, if you can get kupp and zeke for cmc id do that
  2. that's darwin he went 7th round in my ppr league on august 26 LMAO that was before mccoy signing. the guy cut him after week 1.
  3. i have the option to cut gore and pick up cohen in my ppr league. i need RB depth. would you rather have gore or cohen on the bench? my rb's are top heavy but thin. i have zeke + pollard cuff. i have dalvin cook with no cuff. bye weeks could be less than ideal. other RB's on my bench: darrel williams, frank gore, malcolm brown, and the aforementioned tony pollard. i really wanna hang onto darrel because mccoy and damien are made of glass, darrel has a lot of upside. even though he would be the obvious choice to cut being that he is r
  4. drafted malcolm brown in the 15th, dumped him for darrel but no one in my $350 league saw the news on gurley, apparently, because i got him back IIRC those quad injuries can hang on for a while, eh? this malcolm brown dude is the truth
  5. i think gore is my preference because he's got the volume locked in. barber it's left to the whims of the bucs coaches whether it's gonna be rojo or barber that week
  6. Who would you rather have on your bench for depth, Barber or Gore? PPR, not that it really matters with these two.
  7. Assume Kenny Stills out Assume Devin Singletary in Pick one for PPR Keke Coutee Frank Gore Michael Gallup
  8. easily that is a great trade for you, don't hesitate
  9. gallup could be on snap limit and the game doesnt start until 4, only 3 other games start at 4 or later this weekend i dont have another good option i could swap in for him
  10. gotta pick one to start in my 3rd flex spot in a ppr league
  11. I'm surprised no one has been talking about him. Stills went out with a hamstring injury Sunday. Today Bill O'Brien said Stills is day to day and hasn't been ruled out for Sunday. Texans at home vs Falcons with a big over/under
  12. who would you guys put #2 on the cut list, assuming darwin is #1?
  13. Barber too risky to start, if Rojo goes down he's a solid start. Malcolm Brown would be an even better start with Gurley injury. Darwin a pure stash. League is PPR with a long td bonus.
  14. still waiting for the ceiling game. everything fell perfectly for it to happen vs the eagles and it didn't. now possibly no adams for an extended period.
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