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  1. Just now, JE7HorseGod said:

    Kind of.

    Chris Carson started 14 games last year.

    Malcolm Brown started on in 2017.

    Brown's been higher on the depth chart than Henderson and Henderson hasn't seen the field in game time.

    But Seattle didn't have a "Todd Gurley" in this scenario.  Carson was the "Gurley."

    minor detail, right?


    but "both sides"

  2. 23 minutes ago, austin316 said:

    I'll never forget the Darrell hype this summer. Craziest stuff and outcome I've ever seen.

    Kamara... yeah okay.

    that's darwin

    he went 7th round in my ppr league on august 26 LMAO

    that was before mccoy signing. the guy cut him after week 1.

  3. i have the option to cut gore and pick up cohen in my ppr league. i need RB depth.

    would you rather have gore or cohen on the bench?


    my rb's are top heavy but thin.

    i have zeke + pollard cuff.

    i have dalvin cook with no cuff.

    bye weeks could be less than ideal.


    other RB's on my bench:

    darrel williams, frank gore, malcolm brown, and the aforementioned tony pollard.


    i really wanna hang onto darrel because mccoy and damien are made of glass, darrel has a lot of upside. even though he would be the obvious choice to cut being that he is ranked lowest ROS.

    we've seen gore's ceiling the last couple weeks with singletary out and it's nothing to write home about.


    i have concerns about the bears offense as a whole (terrible qb play) and of course inconsistent touches


    when my zeke / cook bye weeks come up on week 8 and 12, gore has touches that can be counted on.

    if cook gets hurt, i'm screwed there with no handcuff.

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