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  1. 42 minutes ago, jonasdash said:

    Just traded for him because as a Cowboys fan it felt wrong to not have a single Cowboy on my roster and he was an easy grab before he came back. 


    Hoping he'll have a great year and continues to improve as a WR

    he's a monster dude. he's gonna ball out

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  2. On 9/18/2019 at 8:38 PM, Dexter75 said:


    People who actually follow football and were paying attention knew that Gordon was going to sit out at least half the year, if not longer. People who follow football also knew Gordon was going to fit right in and they wouldn’t even miss Gordon. At worst, Gordon and Ekeler will split carries if he comes back, as they will want to keep Gordon fresh for a playoff run. They could also sit Gordon or put him behind Ekeler to prove a point. You never know and it’s quite obvious they dont even need him. 

    I guess I'm glad I don't "actually follow football"

  3. 1 hour ago, joebaker23 said:

    Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow’s contest... anybody ballsy enough to fire up Darwin? Both teams may have to lean on the run game due to weather and wet ball.

    no and im probably going on way lighter in dfs on bal/kc non-rb's

    if mccoy's touches are limited it could be the darrel williams game


    BAL @ KCC - 

    The best chance we have of seeing a downpour. Will be soaked before the game, with rain continuing in to it. Flash flood watch has been issued.

  4. 23 minutes ago, kball09 said:


    Riiiight, but now he's in the NFL and has other receivers. I think Washington is going to be valuable, but people are realllly milking that aspect.

    shower narrative is worth 3.6 pts in ppr weekly



    watch the steelers actually be good now, they have some awesome young weapons and a good o line.


  5. 3 minutes ago, kball09 said:


    Because someone else may sign him

    yeah, until the league steps in and suspends him or whatever they do you cant drop him imo



    lotta posts not gonna age well in this thread


    i hope somebody brings back the "legality" argument

    "hey why did the Pats cut him, he didn't do anything illegal"

  6. 1 minute ago, LeeVanCleef said:

    Dude couldn't put his phone down for a second. All he had to do was stfu and he'd be walking right to the SB with that patriots cupcake schedule.

    exactly. plus the millions upon millions of dollars. money don't last forever especially when you're crazy. he's in for a lifetime of regret.

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  7. 16 minutes ago, Pooskay said:

    He'd be an easy start if the opponent was trash (ex. dolphins), but on the fence vs. BAL

    usage is way too ambiguous, floor is way too low, regardless of opponent. a half dozen times in this thread we've had people quoting reid talking about darwin and half a dozen times people have tried to parse out if it means he trusts him or not. we still don't know. if you're a pessimist on darwin you can read it that way; if you're an optimist you can do the opposite just as easily


    just hoping darwin does get at least some touches and he explodes. then reid won't have a choice but to give him a healthy share. the other guys haven't been setting the world on fire. ive expected him to be a late season league winning piece, sort of last man standing thing, it might take him that long to garner the trust from reid in his pass pro and his mindset

  8. 1 hour ago, atdharris said:


    Sure, because Williams came in and played well and Ware got hurt for several weeks. If McCoy comes in and lights the world on fire, yeah, I will be worried. But McCoy hasn't looked good for years, and usually RBs after the age of 30 see a drop of (yes there are anomalies, but not everyone is Frank Gore). 

    People tend to be focusing on worst case scenario. I choose to wait and see how this plays out before I panic. 


    aside from seasons he was injured and did not play, he had one bad season in 2018

    in a season where the bills were at the bottom of the heap in O line play (PFF rank 26th best), with historically bad rotisserie style QB play in an inept scoring and total yardage offense

    in 2017 he was RB6 in half PPR. in 2016 he was RB4. this trope about "mccoy has been washed for years" is kind of mindblowing in its amnesia. he had one bad season in 2018 where he couldn't get out of the backfield because his o line was trash and the box was packed.

    after he signed with the chiefs all i heard from damien owners was "mccoy is washed up, he sucks now, he will only get a few touches per game, damien is fine"

    then he came out in week 1 and ran much more impressively than damien williams. obviously a subjective characterization but when every analyst from here to pluto is saying mccoy ran better than damien then there's a good chance it's the case

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Spyplane said:

    There's still due process involved in that process. They don't just suspend people because someone pointed the finger. They do it if to them it seems likely he's guilty and will be proven as such. 

    What are you talking about

    Suspension and inclusion on the commissioner's exempt list are entirely at the discretion of the commissioner. Legality has no bearing on any of this. Why are people still struggling with this years after deflategate. Not only was there not a conviction in that instance, the case against Brady was super flimsy by any objective measure. Guess what, he got suspended anyway.

  10. 6 minutes ago, Yceman1234 said:

    Yeah, let's get personal....nice job there, buddy.  I guess I deserved that since I only agreed with you 98% and not 100%.

    How is what I said personal? Mental gymnastics? You just said you have as much credibility to claim it's antonio browns phone number as the SI reporter who has universal respect. Don't see how that's a reach?


    Funny how in one breath someone can decry the hypersensitive "politics" of 2019 and in the next breath grasp at the nearest thing that bears any resemblance to a personal attack

  11. 1 hour ago, TomBradyDaGOAT said:

    im not so convinced that the Ravens D we saw last year is the same this year. They likely took a step down. Consider that they have played the Dolphins and Cardinals.

    On top of that they have several big departures on D including;

    S Eric Weddle (Signed E Thomas, so upgrade here)
    OLB Terrell Suggs
    OLB Zadarius Smith (wrecking OLs for the Packers now)
    ILB CJ Mosley (one of the top inside linebackers in the league)
    Slot CB Tavon Young (neck injury, likely out for season)

    (Linebackers tend to cover RB's on routes, much weaker linebacking core this season)

    Ravens D could easily be exposed next week by Mahomes & Co. IMO

    Right, and the Ravens didn't exactly dominate the cardinals as many expected. At home vs that league bottom o line. Cardinals didn't score many points because they attempted field goals in the red zone rather than going for it. Cardinals were able to move the ball on them and rip off some long passes. Ravens secondary is banged up like you said.

    Darwin Thompson's position is running back but obviously you don't just look at the opposition and say "ok the ravens are really good at limiting rushing yards" that not his game...

  12. 1 minute ago, Yceman1234 said:

    So, if I'm a reporter, I can just call up the NFL and say this is true and they should believe me, right?  You're missing my point.  The league needs to validate this is true too, you see how the media can be less than trustworthy with all the politics of today.  Again, it won't take much, but the NFL needs to be thorough too.

    The mental gymnastics are gold medal worthy.

    A veteran SI reporter is unlikely to put his reputation and career in serious jeopardy by making up a bunch of stuff to make antonio brown look bad. get real dude

    NFL is more than capable of verifying it's AB's number by looking in their rolodex. It's probably already been taken care of. So what's your point that I'm missing. That you have as much credibility as the reporter to call the NFL and make stuff up? Right, mental gymnastics, got it.

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  13. If your sister accused antonio brown of sexual assault, and he made a group text with some of his "investigators" and your sister, and included a photo of your nieces and nephews, would you be on the rotoworld thread saying "i don't see how he did anything wrong here"?


    because literally the only difference is it being your sister and it being some artist in PA you've never met. 

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  14. 4 minutes ago, Yceman1234 said:

    All your opinion, probie, which means nothing to the NFL, who cares right now about their image, not waiting to see whether any laws have been broken.  AB (already under investigation in a separate incident) is not helping matters with any new alleged actions, which if true, continue to add to the PR hit against the league.  It's not going to take much to prove it's AB's phone.  If/when that happens, 'buh bye.

    Again, if you read the twitter thread from the SI reporter, he talks about how they confirmed it was AB's phone, and how he tried to have a follow up phone conversation with him 


  15. Just now, Brownsfan74 said:


    Yeah.  This might be the thing that does him in.  What an idiot. 

    They won't do anything until it's proven that AB sent the text.  If that happens though, I think he's gonna be suspended.  It's as straightforward as it gets.  The behavior is clearly spelled out as a violation of the personal conduct policy, and clear text evidence is enough for the NFL to take action.

    Then again, I've been surprised plenty of times by the NFL so who knows.

    Read the twitter thread. This is key. The SI reporter had about 4 more tweets that followed up the original one with the screengrabs of the texts. He talks about how they confirmed it was AB's number. He's had the same number for years apparently

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  16. 27 minutes ago, abrunn11 said:

    Let's assume for a minute that this artist lady DID make everything up just to extort money from AB.  Is what he did with calling out her financial issues really that horrible?  I mean so bad that people are nearly physically ill about it?  From a logically, non-emotional perspective, I just don't see it.  I would hope that the NFL would view any allegations through a logical lens, and not an emotional one.  

    Where have you been chief?

    This is Goodell. The NFL only cares about PR and money. They view it through a PR lens. They don't have "emotions." They're a business. A really, really profitable one.

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  17. 5 hours ago, jwilsonxo said:


    I may have missed the nuke. Is this supposed to be offensive? Serious question. Guy is absolutely nuts but these texts are not menacing. Not understanding what the fuss is about here

    • Sports Illustrated's Robert Klemko reports Antonio Brown sent harassing text messages to the unnamed accuser who shared allegations of his unwanted advance toward her in 2017.

      Brown allegedly sent intimidating messages in a group text, including a screenshot of her kids. The accuser's lawyer has sent a letter to the NFL asking them to step in. This is the latest incident that puts Brown's status with the league in jeopardy, as the Personal Conduct Policy prohibits "harassment, or similar forms of intimidation." With a potential placement on the commissioner's exempt list hanging over him, Brown's Week 3 availability looks up in the air.

      Sep 20, 2019, 9:05 AM ET
  18. si reporter just dropped a nuke.

    have a backup plan for your ff team if it includes AB.

    i'd be p surprised if hes not on the exempt list before sunday if for no other reason than pr.

    apologies to the mods if this is outside the lines


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