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  1. my "backup" qb is kyler murray and i'll be starting him the whole way anyway

    potential trade partner just lost brees and is starting stafford until brees comes back

    i'm about to offer this trade and just want to run it by you guys, the trade analyzer says it is very good for me...

    i offer aaron rodgers and payton barber (or malcolm brown) for devin singletary and lesean mccoy

    hes only 2 startable rb's deep so that's the best i could ask for, im set at WR and need some RB depth for byes and in case of injury

    i have darwin thompson and frank gore on my bench, so i would more or less have the bills and chiefs backfields on lock...



  2. 56 minutes ago, Dexter75 said:


    Ekeler and his 63 points thru two games begs to differ. He's the top RB in fantasy and 2nd overall in points scored. I grabbed him in the 5th and would have taken him in the 4th if we hadn't switched to a 3 WR league. No idea why his ADP was so low. A blind man could see that coming. 

    Because Melvin Gordon could report at any given moment

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  3. I got Darwin at priority #2, then Devin Smith on the 2nd time through the waiver order, and Gore on the third time through the waiver order. It's a $350 league I've been in for 10 years and every year I smoke these guys on the waiver wire. I don't know why they're so bad at it, but I'll take it.


    In case you're curious, I cut Damien Harris, Ryquell Armstead and Keke.

    Full PPR, we draft 17 rounds, 3 flex league and 7 bench spots so it's a pretty deep league

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  4. 1 hour ago, phisouza33 said:

    Curious what people are dropping for him. I’m interested but only have 1 available player to drop and it’s probably a bad idea. 

    i'll let you know in a couple hours but i am guessing around 15, hell maybe in the 20s because that chiefs hype is real, even though he is speculative as hell at this point

  5. 59 minutes ago, smeeze said:

    Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and don’t represent my employer’s opinion of how much work I actually do

    I play deep 12 teamers so most actual good players are probably owned.. I’m probably missing guys but they were likely drafted and/or picked up in my leagues


    Allen 10% - rushing floor has carried him, nice matchup against Cinci

    Cousins 5% - hasn’t been great but has 2 dynamic receivers to give him a high floor in a pinch

    Garrapolo 5% - SF offense looks to be getting on track

    Minshew 5% - what a legend, the league could catch up with him soon but worth the ride

    Mariota 3% - seems to be over his injuries from last season but you never want to trust him

    Dalton 1% - last resort starter

    Brissett 1% - try and find someone else

    Grier 1% - Cam could miss time 

    D. Jones 1% - good luck man

    Rudolph 1% - you too

    Bridgewater 1% - try taking one of the gloves off

    T. Hill 0% - gadget plays, Teddy is mediocre


    Singletary 50%+ - potential league winner

    Mattison 20% - #1 handcuff in the game right now

    Penny 20% - Carson has been fumbling, Penny has draft capital going for him

    D. Thompson 15% - upside, sounds like DWill and McCoy are okay, but for how long?

    R. Mostert 10% - goal line role in the SF offense?

    R. Freeman 10% - getting almost 50/50 split, see what happens

    J. Samuel 5% - Conner handcuff, sounds like he’s going to be fine

    J. Williams 2% - A. Jones handcuff

    I. Smith 1% - D. Freeman handcuff

    C. Edmonds 1% - DJ handcuff, DJ wrist scare

    Ty Johnson 0% - If Kerryon goes down, could get a lot of PPR work

     B. Hill 0% - might be better than Ito if D. Freeman goes down


    Hollywood 50%+ - go get him.. baller

    Metcalf 30% - looks like true #1 type

    D. Robinson 20% - Patty’s fav WR in his rookie year, go get him

    M. Hardman 15% - get a piece of the chiefs while you can

    McLaurin 15% - #1 receiver on his crappy team

    Chark 10% - looks like best WR on JAX

    Ross 10% - questionable hands, not a fan personally

    J.  Washington 10% - Rudolph’s guy, breakout on the horizon?

    D. Samuel 10% - if you’re hurting at WR, go get him, could be SF’s #1

    there’s a bunch of other guys at 0-5%, throw a couple bucks at them if you need to, hopefully you never have to start them, I can’t predict blown coverages


    Graham 5% - Denver has sucked against TEs last few years

    Witten 3% - could pull a rabbit out of his head against Miami


    San Francisco 3% - DL looks strong, could force Rudolph into mistakes

    Seattle 2% - Teddy looks super indecisive and has a very mediocre arm

    Tampa 1% - Daniel Jones could piss on his shoes in his debut

    awesome post thanks for doing it


    i have a couple thoughts if you dont miind


    i think ito is definitely the shoe in behind freeman, im sure it would be a rbbc of some type if freeman got hurt, but ito wins the eye test for me and i dont think they trust hill


    mostert -- he got the lions share of the carries IIRC but jeff wilson ended up being the goal line guy in the 2nd half, but that could have been because the game was put away already


    singletary - how is he still available on waivers lol

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  6. Have Zeke (with pollard as cuff) and Dalvin (no cuff)

    Really need depth at RB, next one up is Barber (deep benches 12 team league drafted him late)

    so Barber would be my bye week fill in


    Should I prioritize Darwin or Gore?

    This is PPR.

    Wish I had a better idea on Singletary's outlook, Gore would be a much easier call I think.

    Big Darwin fan, can't doubt his upside, could be a league winner eventually.



  7. Both teams at home


    Rodgers vs DEN

    Cardinals vs CAR


    Denver defense has been terrible, 0 sacks (!!!) 0 INT through 2 weeks, but I believe their run stopping has been pretty good? At least vs the Bears yesterday I believe they were

    This projects as a big day for the GB DST and a lot of aaron jones and jamaal williams, slow pace and could be yet another floor game for Rodgers with 1 or 2 TD's only


    Cardinals hosting Panthers who are coming off TNF and have 3 extra days to prepare to defend the air raid.

    If Cam doesn't play I think this makes the Kyler Murray play much much more enticing. They could completely dominate time of possession and with their pace of play they could run more plays than any other game by any other team this season (barring OT) and could possibly put up a HUGE number.

    However if Cam plays I like it quite a bit less.


    What do you think?

  8. On 8/12/2019 at 11:36 AM, Lord_Varys said:

    why it's important to grab Darwin, because Damien smells like Ajayi, Collins, Forsett, CJA, Jeremy Hill, [Insert Late Season RB Wavier Add Who Gets Drafted In The First 3 Rounds The Following Year] ... 

    Montee Ball the GOAT


    If Darrel Williams is what's holding you back from burning a waiver wire slot or spending FAAB on Darwin, I think you will look back later in the season and regret that calculation.

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  9. vs CAR (week 3)
    vs SEA
    @ CIN
    vs ATL
    @ NYG
    @ NO
    vs SF
    @ TB
    @ SF (week 11)
    vs LAR (week 13)
    vs PIT
    vs CLE
    @ SEA
    (week 17 @LAR)


    underlined are the only ones i would be even a little concerned about matchup wise.


    16th QB off the board in my league on 8/26. Rodgers to the bench.

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