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  1. great start today with rodgers putting up 18 pts early then adding one point the rest of the game



    i think part of the issue with rodgers so far this season is their defense is pretty good



    cardinals are definitely rough around the edges but their defense is awful and they are running plays at a break neck pace


    what would you guys do


    im going to plan on starting kyler every week unless it is a very bad matchup, but looking at the schedule the only one that pops out is the rams in arizona


    this weekend they host the panthers coming off a long week and the packers host the broncos whose defense has been sooooooo bad

  2. 15 minutes ago, DarinB300 said:

    I believe last years regular season game was high scoring, so I would consider Malcolm here. 

    If not, then going with Kirk is a solid option as well. ARI is going to have to throw it & Kyler seems to like all his targets in DJ, Fitz, & Kirk(12 targets last week).

    one thing that gives me pause with playing kirk and the other cardinals is that last season the ravens, with lamar at qb, forced the least number of offensive plays for the other team

  3. ravens secondary is banged up as F, only reason why i would consider kirk here


    plus my league is not only ppr but also has a long TD bonus. a TD over 66 yds is worth 12 pts instead of 6. a td 34-66 yds is worth 9 pts


    so one play, an 80 yd td is worth 21 pts


    this is for a 3rd flex spot so the floor isn't as important as, say, a normal flex spot.


    however this rams/saints game projects to be a real close high scoring barnburner with a lot of scoring opportunities for malcolm brown. unless the rams actually do what they said they will, and give the ball to gurley "when they need him" meaning when the game is close

  4. 13 minutes ago, joed0 said:

    Armstead - I think Jax would go committee and they have a rookie QB now.





    I don't see any scenario where peyton barber is startable in a normal sized league, so whats the point of having him on my roster


    short of him being traded away from the bucs


  5. Cut one of these 4:

    peyton barber

    ryquell armstead

    tony pollard (i have zeke)

    damien harris


    It's a deep bench 12 team PPR.


    I'm leaning Barber because even if RoJo went down his ceiling would still be trash with this run game.


    Whereas Ryquell and Harris are lotto ticket potential league winners.


    Benches are deep enough to stash both those dudes 

  6. 11 minutes ago, konstao said:

    Im really debating starting rivers or dak prescott over him.... because i also have the Bears DST ... 


    my league has 6 pt passing td's with bonuses for long td's at every position

    i took kyler murray as my backup in the 13th round, 16th qb off the board, and briefly flirted with the idea of starting him over rodgers

    i feel pretty confident that det/ari is going to be a sneaky shootout but there's a little too much risk with that roster choice

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