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  1. i miss the halcyon days of january 2019 when amari was supposed to be going at the 1/2 turn this summer
  2. Still looking for a league around $20-25 PPR preferred non-auction has to start at 7 pm est or before, because i have other drafts later and i'm not yet at degen level to multi-draft
  3. looks like you're full. if someone doesn't pay and you are drafting at 7 PM EST or earlier hit me up
  4. got this message There was a problem You are not allowed to view this page because you are not in this league. (Error #152)
  5. Still looking for some smaller buyin straight-up PPR leagues to diversify my portfolio
  6. Just looking to add more smaller buyin leagues to my portfolio. Prefer full ppr
  7. interested copperplated at protonmail.com
  8. probably doesn't feel great right now to be one of the the thousands who reached rounds upon rounds for darwin oof
  9. so hey what do you guys think of rodgers's matchup vs the bears on opening night
  10. so you want to bench the qb3 by adp in week 1 regardless of the matchup
  11. What do you guys think? I think GB is going to be a high powered offense, and I like that Rodgers & co. had aaaaall that time to prep for this game.
  12. Again, just like I asked for on the last page... Stats? You got stats to go with that? Anecdotes and "feelings" don't fly in 2019 on the Rotoworld.com Fantasy Football Talk Forums To the poster before, I can't even tell you how many times last summer i was on the Kamara thread repeating the same crap over and over about how in the last X games of 2017 kamara was used more inside the 5 and the 10 than ingram was. The trend was obvious. And also, btw, last summer we were told by the rotoworld forum experts that when ingram was out kamara was gonna get vult
  13. my immediate reaction to that is... i would be happy with that, right? i haven't gotten into the weeds enough to know where that puts him in terms of the bigger scheme of the wr hierarchy but..
  14. yep and at least we will get fair, at worst, value on golladay in drafts. i'll have my sights set on him but keep expectations in check then again if he totally beasts in preseason, which is definitely a possibility, u can throw all that "analysis" out the window...
  15. Love the talent and the heart but this offense is one of the worst to invest in for 2019 imo
  16. are there stats to back this up, because this reminds me of all the hot takes we heard last summer, how kamara was going to get vultured at the goal line by some guy with 7 career carries over 4 seasons who just got called up off the practice squad
  17. look at the end of last season's thread, SS had cooper going as high as 1st/2nd round in 2019. rage posting about that take about every 10 minutes for a couple days. hilarious
  18. PPR: WR12 / 29 overall (mid-3rd) https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/rankings/ppr-cheatsheets.php WR15 / 32 or 34 overall (late 3rd) http://www.espn.com/fantasy/football/story/_/id/25759239/fantasy-football-2019-updated-ppr-rankings-matthew-berry Again, those are PPR.
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