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  1. So...not wrong about saying Average Amari is the 6th best WR in the NFL? Not wrong about "if he doesn't go in the 2nd round of your draft, your league is incompetent" ? Still sticking with those?
  2. No it's not. It has had (brief) moments recently, all at home. They are still terrible on the road. Home/road splits for their defense over the last month or so are drastic This is like if your wife caught you cheating on her, and you told her "all marriages go through peaks and valleys."
  3. It was supposed to take me a couple years to look foolish. It only took you 3 days. Still gonna comp him to Julio since they both went to Alabama or something? Amari still 6th best WR or...? What's the personal ranking system saying now? It was a total blowup spot at home vs Bucs - they even had the Bucs playing back at them - against arguably the worst pass d in the NFL he puts up a dud. Average Amari has been as disappointing as they come since he went pro and has never lived up to his potential You can throw all the negative stuff from this guy's pa
  4. Have you heard the term "sample size"? Are you saying that Amari Cooper is a top 5 WR? Where's the 'laughing' emoji
  5. How many will they miss in 2019? Because that's what we have been talking about here. His 2019 value. Don't move the goalposts. Because Zeke will have to miss a lot of 2019 games for Amari to be a top 10 WR. And the Cowboys offense will have to become high-powered, somehow. If you don't think situation matters in fantasy value and ADP, can't help you.
  6. And most people, at least judging by this thread, don't agree with that. Simply put, because Zeke Elliott is a person that exists and Dak Prescott is not good.
  7. You decided to wait to involve stats until 30 posts in? I doubt that. Bring the stats.
  8. First off, you've already stated that you think Average Amari is the bee's knees earlier in this thread. And your reasoning was even thinner than SharkSwimmer. Secondly this started not because "someone" said they want to take Amari early. No one cares. "Someone" claimed that unless Amari goes in the 2nd round or earlier in your league, that it is not a competent league. Which is a ridiculous statement. I've already gone over this
  9. I was directly addressed by SharkSwimmer and quoted. I had put a nice bow on this yesterday, on the previous page, but he kept going. So you should really be asking him this question. Also, "Average Amari" is the preferred nickname His draft stock is not going to skyrocket because his situation/2019 outlook is not advantageous. Been over this fact over and over. Many WR1's are in better situations and are actually proven. My stance from the beginning was that Amari Cooper is a 3rd round pick, at best. This is reasonable, realistic, a
  10. Clearly it is I who does not understand how to win at fantasy football, because I do not think Average Amari is the 6th best WR in the NFL. Make that poll. Please. Extravagant claims (Amari is overall WR6) require extravagant evidence, of which you have none. Or really any evidence would be helpful. Other than your "personal ranking system" which you still have not quantified in any way. So, basically, your feelings is why Amari is overall WR6. The sooner you break out of this mindset... you get the idea.
  11. Oh damn man, you didn't want to use a list to argue your point about Average Amari, but I pushed you to that brink! After about 20 posts of talk about "personal ranking systems," feelings and hunches, sprinkled with personal attacks Unfortunately, nothing on your very shaky list addresses the fact that NFL wide receivers don't suddenly "break out" in their fifth season and become top end WR1's. Which is what you have been arguing this entire time: that Amari Cooper only has 5 WR's that are better than him and is a 2nd round+ 2019 fantasy football pick. Take a poll here and see
  12. I have less than zero interest wasting my time re-litigating this entire thing. Just as you said, I suggest that you could just read the thread. And your "many reasons" for projecting Average Amari as a top-end WR1, second round pick or higher, are a joke. Based on nothing of substance. As I have stated. You could read the thread for more on my "response" on that.
  13. I sincerely do not care what you, or anyone else, does in drafts. We are talking about Average Amari's 2019 draft stock. Not fantasy draft philosophy. Or, contrary to what you seem to think, about me, or my character, or intellect. This is the reason we are talking about Average Amari's draft stock: Not "I am going to take Amari in the 2nd round" Instead "your league is not competent if someone does not draft Amari Cooper by the second round." It's an absurd statement. We later found out that this is your point of you not based on any sort of reas
  14. Because I pointed out how wrong you are about Average Amari. I literally just posted something hours ago about how you are projecting and using ad hominem attacks because you don't have a leg to stand on in this discussion.
  15. At the very beginning I said he was "third round PPR, at best." Read some of the ridiculous stuff that's been posted about his 2019 value. Only 5 WR's are better. Second round pick. Drafted after the first round turn. Now tell me how I'm being harsh.
  16. So you got nothin. College stats and Julio comps. Noted for the record. See you next season
  17. There are numbers from his professional career you could cite. They are probably more relevant than his college career. History is littered with great college WR's who never lived up to their promise in the NFL. If Amari was traded to a team with an Aaron Rodgers type QB with a high-powered offense, and was therefore guaranteed production and to be the focal point of the offense, this discussion would be dramatically different. He'd be a WR1. In reality, Zeke is far-and-away the focal point of the offense, they're built around running the football with a run-blo
  18. You have been using actual insults and have also said I "obviously don't intellect" or something to that effect. So this is a clear case of projection. Ad hominem attacks are always a clear indication of the person making the attacks to have an incredibly weak position in a discussion. Cool. I'm glad you clearly outlined your preposterous take. As stated before, expect to be quoted next summer. Can we move on now and stop hijacking the thread? Or do you have more nonsense to spew that's unrelated to Amari's 2019 draft position, which is the topic at hand and the topic that I ha
  19. How about being a slave to fandom and 2-3 good games out of a 16 game season? Nope, but keep making stuff up to steer the subject away from only having 5 WR's ranked above Average Amari
  20. No, but I would rather use auto-draft than use a "personal ranking system" that puts Average Amari in the 2nd round.
  21. his what? Your personal ranking system, which is just some vague and undefined term used to rationalize your overranking of Average Amari, has been shown to be out of touch with reality. You have "defended your position" with irrational reasoning as to why Amari is better than all but 5 WR's in the league. For example, how the Cowboys fans cheer for him. What? I don't have a "personal ranking system" to determine where players will go in a draft. I rely on reality, that way I don't reach for players, like someone who drafts Average Amari in the 2nd round. Loo
  22. Right, if anyone has shown a limited intellect over the last couple pages it's definitely me. Not the guy who thinks Amari is better than all but 5 WR's. Stick to the discussion and leave the insults aside. K thx Wow, really sticking to that huh. See you next summer when Amari is going in the 3rd-4th, at best. Expect to be quoted.
  23. So Average Amari is now a WR1 because of the fans in Dallas. If they're anything like you, I might have to agree, because he can keep on being average and the fans will blindly call him one of the top wide receivers in football. He's going to be better than he was in OAK because the fans in Dallas love to cheer for him. That's legit hilarious/awful
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