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  1. Yeah because for some reason you glossed right over them Average Amari becoming a different player because he's a Cowboy is nonsense Try to stick to the topic
  2. Theilan is standard WR6 Broke records this season Your reasoning to make Amari > Thielan is a joke
  3. And "I like Cooper better" doesn't make him a 2nd round pick to anyone but you. Heard of Drew Brees? Sean Payton? Heard of Dak Prescott? Jason Garrett? The other people drafting in 2019 have. That's why MT will be going in front of Average Amari almost always Patrick Mahomes. He's in the mix for most productive fantasy quarterback of all time. But "Hill is little" therefore Amari. Again, Thielan is PPR WR3. He was breaking productivity records for more than half the season. Please tell us more about your "valuation system" because it c
  4. Translation: I can't offer a valid argument to anything you said explaining why Average Amari isn't a WR1 for 2019, so, uh, Julian Edelman. "lol"
  5. Fine, take Edelman out of my post. Now address the rest of it. I'll be waiting.
  6. Are you a Cowboys fan? Keenan is 100% ahead of Amari. Justify your bad take with an end of season injury all you want. NFL players get injured. He might play this week. He hasn't been ruled out so it's obviously not a serious injury. This is such a dumb take I'm even going to go into it any further. I'm sure this is the hill you will choose to die on though, that somehow one player, Keenan Allen, gets injured, therefore Amari's drafted stock is awesome, because you don't have anything else to go to, other than hopes and dreams of where you think Amari should be drafted.
  7. Yes, if we've learned anything about Average Amari, it's that he's a consistent fantasy producer week to week. What planet do you live on pal? Also, please see my last post. I am still waiting to hear the small handful of WR's you would rank above Amari in the 2019 draft, since you said he was going 2nd round or something equally ludicrous.
  8. 4th round is a "complete joke"? ok then I think you may need to change what you have written in your "Interests:" Please let us know the small handful of WR's you rank above Cooper so we can all have a laugh. After the eagles game i said 3rd round at best in PPR I'll stick with that
  9. There is no end of season scenario where he will be drafted at the first round turn aside from a cowboys fan who is absolutely terrible at fantasy football Zeke is the offense, the team is built for running the football. Dak is nowhere near an elite passer. This is a fantasy football forum and it should go without saying that his situation alone precludes him from drafted anywhere near that high. If you disagree please get in my league. Yesterday.
  10. Do the Average Amari truthers still have him going after the 1st round turn in next year's draft?
  11. Yeah, that's his brand Then hits your post with the "confused" reaction when you point out how dumb it is. Brand is strong.
  12. I posted in this thread last night because people were saying Amari was going to be drafted "after the turn" in 2019. Meaning the first round turn. The posts are still there, you can go back and read them. I'm not re-litigating. Cleats jumped on me for saying that he's not a late 2nd round pick, but won't take a stand himself on where Amari should be drafted in 2019. What's the word for that, starts with cow...
  13. Blaming Derek Carr for Jon Gruden blowing up the Raiders. OK On the day the Raiders fire their personnel guy who won NFL Exec of the Year 2 years ago. You must be joking. Anyway, I'm just here for DerrickHenrysCleats to tell us where Amari Cooper will be drafted in 2019.
  14. Your analysis of Gruden as the WR whisperer was right on the money.
  15. Man Cleats, you really crushed it with this analysis in your OP. Cleats, where do you think Amari should be drafted in fantasy drafts in 2019?
  16. 1) Arguable if that can even be considered a record, either way no one is going to cite Cooper having 3 go-ahead touchdowns in a fourth quarter to justify making him a top end WR1 draft pick. You do realize that is what the discussion is about, right? Amari Coopers 2019 draft stock? Just checking. Anything you bring to the table in this regard has to actually be relevant in the contest of Amari Cooper's 2019 draft stock. Having 3 go ahead touchdowns in the fourth quarter for the first time in NFL history is not relevant to his 2019 draft position. Got it? 2) That is a link/citation, kudos
  17. What you cited is not a record kept by the NFL. Thus, the comment about DerrickHenrysCleats record book. Feel free to correct me about the record not being kept with a citation/link, rather than something conjured from your imagination. Just to clear up where we're at here I said Amari needs to have a record breaking run to be a top end WR1 in next year's FF draft. DerrickHenrysCleats is now inventing records to claim Amari broke them because... I don't know why.
  18. Yeah, I already broke all that down. You can go back and read it. I'm not re-litigating what I've already said. Records in the DerrickHenrysCleats record book, or...?
  19. None of these things have anything to do with his 2019 draft stock, which was the only topic of discussion in the quote of mine you replied to
  20. Ok My incorrect assumption that you have Cooper on your fantasy team does not make your massive overvaluing of Cooper for 2019 more valid Also you earlier called him an early 2nd round pick, you are already hedging to simply a "2nd round pick" The only way he breaks into the top WR1 range is if he does something truly historic from here through the playoffs. I'm talking about challenging records for yardage in a game or total yardage/production in consecutive games. I'm now repeating myself: Zeke is the main cog of the offense. They're a run first offense and Dak
  21. look, i get that you guys are excited because he had a great game and he's on your team, but cooper going early 2nd round is ridiculous. He's probably a back end WR1 at best for 2018 You forget that Zeke is and will continue to be the driving force of this offense and the passing volume won't be there as long as that's the case, and also Dak is not a great passer. Recency bias guys, look it up.
  22. i dunno they really like mcGuire didnt know schefter did "sleepers" or anything like that sounds like good weekly fade material
  23. hes at practice this week can play in week 9
  24. Powell has a neck injury and Crowell dealing with lingering lower body injures means this guy is at least somewhat relevant He's listed 10th on Pat Mayo's early waiver wire pickup list for week 8 https://www.draftkings.com/playbook/nfl/2018-fantasy-football-rankings-2018-week-8-waiver-wire-pickup-rankings-nfl-week-7-injury-report-recap-add-drop Haven't seen the game yet but looks like he had some nice yac on some passes Jets rookie RB Trenton Cannon rushed two times for four yards and caught 4-of-5 targets for 69 yards in the Week 7 loss to the Vikings. Wi
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