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  1. i started out 0-6 last year and won 7 straight and made the playoffs, don't give up young buck
  2. last season i started 0-6 then won 7 straight and made the playoffs, was 6 pts away from getting a week 14 bye also. 12 team league DON'T GIVE UP SON
  3. I quoted a statement about the running game sucking It seems uncontroversial to draw a straight line from backup offensive lineman to poor running game
  4. offensive line was all banged up before the season began
  5. are we sure this isn't the plot of an episode of The League and this guy is messing with us it seems too ridiculous to be real
  6. that was the topic in the A block of tuesday's dan patrick show. dick koetter is coaching to keep his job and he probably needs to make the playoffs so he's going to ride with young santa as long as he can
  7. mike williams? nothing to vent here im just stoked i got baker in my deep league with the long td bonus 100% buying into baker, some people are just naturals maaaaaan think hes gonna come out and put up a big game against the raiders right away, obviously cant start him yet
  8. Pretty sure they can still cut him by that date and get out of the 21 million. I believe they even had a graphic early on in last nights game to show that
  9. Fitz made a whole bunch of mistakes throwing the football tonight. The constant pressure from the Steelers particularly in the first half was a killer for Fitzpatrick Definitely agree Winston owners should be optimistic
  10. 3rd highest weekly score in my 12 teamer and lost 161 points
  11. oh sorry. i didnt realize people still played standard ya think?
  12. Thielan had 24.5 PPR i'd say that's better than OK. especially when u look at the rest of his team and the score 14 recepts...
  13. Gordon acquisition is great for Gronk's stock IMO. Fairly cut and dried to me Let us pause for a moment and imagine what it would be like if Gronk lived in Detroit, after a trade to the Lions I'm from Michigan and I'm very familiar with how un-Gronk Detroit is I don't blame him for threatening to retire
  14. Friday is the day that matters, always Unless it's MNF then it's Saturday if he practices Friday he almost certainly goes If he doesn't we will either hear sunday morning from Schefter or it will be GTD
  15. Josh is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. That's nothing like Gronk's image of being a party dude. I realize not everyone can square that, but it's just really not the same at all. Almost every time I think of Gronk I think about how he said he went to ASU because of pool parties. Guy's just a big dumb jock and it's awesome. He's a 12 year old in a giant's body. Impossible to hate this guy. If Josh actually becomes a part of this offense - and that's not a given, guys, the Browns think he relapsed and he still has to pass drug tests - it totally opens things up fo
  16. Has anyone mentioned TV contracts? I'm pretty sure this is where the bread is buttered. The NFL has a deal with Directv for the Sunday Ticket package. It's huge. They have a deal with ESPN/ABC for MNF. Now they have a deal with Fox (used to be with CBS) for TNF. SNF deal with NBC. Under Goodell they've expanded to TNF and their own network which has grown a lot, which means more advertising dollars. Why did they want to expand to TNF? More exposure? Of course not. It was about TV money. CBS originally was the high bidder on TNF, this go-round FOX outbid them. MLB has the extra inn
  17. For what it's worth, which is in the eye of the beholder, Winston was used in the typical 2nd string qb role in preseason games. Only week 1 here but this could be very interesting If Fitz keeps wizarding like this it wont be interesting at all, the job will be his of course....
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