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  1. 3 minutes ago, stay_woke said:

    Just lost by 0.2 against brees because the redskins decided theyre now the worst defense in the league. Now 1-4 literally zero point to keep playing 

    i started out 0-6 last year and won 7 straight and made the playoffs, don't give up young buck

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  2. 40 minutes ago, kretan182 said:

    1-3 now, season is all but over. Will probably miss playoffs for the 4th time in 5 seasons in my league.  My opponents' players always pull through on MNF, and mine absolutely never do.


    It's all good though, the misery stops being painful once one accepts your sense of control is naught in a game that is strictly luck based.

    last season i started 0-6 then won 7 straight and made the playoffs, was 6 pts away from getting a week 14 bye also.

    12 team league


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  3. 21 minutes ago, devaster said:

    Not really an excuse for the unbalanced offense and the first 4 weeks. Tampa has a similar problem, except Fitz is on fire and the passing game is working.

    I quoted a statement about the running game sucking

    It seems uncontroversial to draw a straight line from backup offensive lineman to poor running game

  4. 1 hour ago, weakkneeswilly said:

    You have to the leave the league. You can't play under those circumstances. They'll find somebody else. Then join a good league over in the league finder section. 

    are we sure this isn't the plot of an episode of The League and this guy is messing with us


    it seems too ridiculous to be real

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  5. 1 hour ago, omnom1337 said:

    In a work league, I traded Devonta Freeman and Lamar Miller for Tyreek Hill.


    It got vetoed, and I found out my boss was messaging minimum two other people and telling them to veto.


    What kind of ******** bull**** is this? He's intentionally messaging the ones who will do what he says because he's their boss, even though fantasy football and work are two totally separate entities.


  6. 50 minutes ago, DekuTree said:

    Didn't throw enough money at Williams or Boyd who I needed desperately...


    mike williams?


    nothing to vent here im just stoked i got baker in my deep league with the long td bonus

    100% buying into baker, some people are just naturals maaaaaan

    think hes gonna come out and put up a big game against the raiders right away, obviously cant start him yet

  7. 9 hours ago, HTM said:


    Well I play standard. 


    So 10.5 pts which is good but not weekend winning by any means.

    oh sorry. i didnt realize people still played standard


    9 hours ago, saintrules said:

    Considered adding Calvin Ridley to my bench for this week. Likely a super hot wire commodity, I pretty much lost him guaranteed. 

    ya think?

  8. 4 hours ago, HTM said:


    Anything associated with the Minnesota offense today was a dumpster fire... Except for Rudolph with the trash TD... Thielin did ok too

    Thielan had 24.5 PPR i'd say that's better than OK. especially when u look at the rest of his team and the score

    14 recepts...

  9. Gordon acquisition is great for Gronk's stock IMO. Fairly cut and dried to me


    Let us pause for a moment and imagine what it would be like if Gronk lived in Detroit, after a trade to the Lions


    I'm from Michigan and I'm very familiar with how un-Gronk Detroit is


    I don't blame him for threatening to retire

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  10. On 9/18/2018 at 1:07 AM, quaglinoman said:

    This is why I think Josh will do great with Pats and thus make Gronk even bigger. Gronk is always double teamed. If you do not respect Josh....its lights out. Like Josh, Gronk is known for a party style life, thing is, he and the pats have an understanding, he can do whatever, but it better NOT interfere with the season. Bill wont mother hen him. Josh has been gifted mad skills and now gifted an annual superbowl contender under the greatest coach of all time and the best QB of all time. Even with his issues, he can secure a legit legacy and hall of fame status in just a few seasons. So I see Gronk going crazy now. AND you have Eldleman coming back soon??? Dorsett and Hogan all not crap either. Pats just wen tot another level.

    Josh is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. That's nothing like Gronk's image of being a party dude. I realize not everyone can square that, but it's just really not the same at all.


    Almost every time I think of Gronk I think about how he said he went to ASU because of pool parties. Guy's just a big dumb jock and it's awesome. He's a 12 year old in a giant's body. Impossible to hate this guy.


    If Josh actually becomes a part of this offense - and that's not a given, guys, the Browns think he relapsed and he still has to pass drug tests - it totally opens things up for Gronk like you said, in terms of being doubled by a safety over top. It crushes the other WR's values IMO but it doesn't hurt Gronk at all. He'll be fine. Better than fine.


  11. On 9/9/2018 at 11:42 AM, FouLLine said:


    To dig further into why this isn't true.


    NFL despite having less games has always brought in substantially more revenue than The MLB.  Less games = less overhead.  So if revenue was equal on both sides the less game playing sport is more profitable.  16 to 162 you're talking 10 times more profitable.  You're staffing your stadium 10 times less.  Paying for the utilities of that stadium 10 times less (well not quite 10 times in this case but you get the picture).


    Just one last question while we are here.... How is the average NHL Player's salary higher than the average NFL player's salary?  Their revenue is insanely disproportionate. 


    Has anyone mentioned TV contracts? I'm pretty sure this is where the bread is buttered. The NFL has a deal with Directv for the Sunday Ticket package. It's huge. They have a deal with ESPN/ABC for MNF. Now they have a deal with Fox (used to be with CBS) for TNF. SNF deal with NBC. Under Goodell they've expanded to TNF and their own network which has grown a lot, which means more advertising dollars. Why did they want to expand to TNF? More exposure? Of course not. It was about TV money. CBS originally was the high bidder on TNF, this go-round FOX outbid them. 


    MLB has the extra innings package, baseball contract for select nights with ESPN, all the regional networks like the comcast sports net channels/fox sports locals, then for postseason FOX has the WS and ALCS/DS, TBS has the WC and the NLCS/DS.


    I reckon that the NFL makes way, way more money in TV contracts. Fantasy football and now legalized state-by-state sports gambling is just going to keep adding eyeballs to NFL games, which increases ad revenue, which increases the size of NFL tv contracts.


    Meanwhile the MLB's fanbase is not keeping up at all. Going the wrong direction. And I love baseball.


    Last time I remember hearing a figure was that the NFL had 5 or 6 bil in revenue for a given year. What was baseball's?


    NFL players are getting screwed.

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  12. 12 minutes ago, tjspark said:

    If you don't understand that ownership wants their players to hit the incentives then you don't understand business. 


    Care to elaborate, or just paint with the broadest brush you can find?


    12 minutes ago, tjspark said:

    Kraft wants gronk to grab 15 tds and be healthy all 16 games into the playoffs. If you could guarantee him that he would probably pay gronk double his salary.


    I don't understand business? I don't think you understand how incentives work in the NFL.

    So this is the 3rd time I've been over this. No one think Kraft cares about money. We all know he's filthy rich. The NFL has a hard salary cap and Gronk's incentives can count up to a max 3.3 million against the 2019 cap. BB is the guy who makes personnel decisions in the offseason. Also the guy who makes on-field decisions.


    This is what I have been saying this whole time.

    All things being equal, in a non-essential situation, do you think BB is going to play Gronk and let him hit target and take 1.1-3.3 mil off the 2019 cap, or sit him down, and say "Gronk is questionable with a lower body injury" 

    What kind of track record do the Pats have here with how they treat their players?

    Non-essential situation = Pats lock up their seeding early, or a game at any point of the season where it's a blowout.

    LIke I said, "ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL" you can either play Gronk and let him take money off your 2019 cap, or sit him down, and the outcome for your team is the same.

    Do you really think BB is such a nice guy that he wants Gronk to get paid that extra couple mil? Or do you think he'd rather have the cap space to play with in 2019?


    And again for the third time if Gronk comes out and totally blows up this doesn't matter. I hope that's what happens. For the third time.

    This obviously only matters if he's right around his incentive targets at the end of the season. 

  13. 16 hours ago, Sternes said:


    Because what are suggesting is dumb.  Pats play to win, they aren't going to feed a guy just to get a bonus


    Malcolm Butler would like a word.


    17 hours ago, Cotton Jones said:

    If the Pats have an incentive to cap Gronk in garbage time/end of season that's not cool

    This was literally a page ago.


    That was what I said, that's what I have been saying, you can try and stretch it into something ridiculous like "BB told Tom not to throw to gronk" if you want to


    If you think it's out of the realm of possibility to bench Gronk in a non-essentially situation to save cap space you are really drinking the koolaid. BB is the personnel guy, right? 


    Like I said I hope gronk has 5 td's in the first few games and it's all moot, and he blows it out of the water.


    You guys sure are defensive about anyone challenging your precious Gronk.




  14. 1 minute ago, Sternes said:


    We get it.  You think there is a conspiracy out there based on no real evidence. 

    15 hours ago, Sternes said:

    Let me know when a player has been benched like that on any team, and especially on the Pats.  


    14 hours ago, Cotton Jones said:



    A simple google will provide plenty of "crazy conspiracy theories" like players getting screwed out of incentives.


    I think you may have conveniently overlooked this part of the thread.


  15. 55 minutes ago, Al.Davis said:

    $3.3MM isn't really all that much dough for Mr. Kraft, who is already paying Gronk an $8MM base salary.  NFL bonuses are like sales bonuses / commissions...your boss wants you to hit them.  Put the tinfoil hats away, draft Gronk in 2nd round, have a happy fantasy season, thank me later!





    no one thinks robert kraft cares about 3 million dollars

    3 million dollars is a possession receiver etc they won't be able to sign


    we've actually already been over this in great detail

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  16. 21 minutes ago, Sternes said:


    Got it, I'm the one in HS. 


    Let me know when a player has been benched like that on any team, and especially on the Pats.  


    If your big fear is him getting benched week 6 and watching from the sideline so he doesn't get a bonus, don't draft him.


    Again, strawman argument.

    I did not suggest anything ridiculous like Brady being told not to throw to Gronk, or Gronk getting benched in week 6.

    Hopefuly Gronk comes out with 5 TD's the first 2-3 weeks and reaching his incentives becomes inevitable. 


    21 minutes ago, Sternes said:

    Let me know when a player has been benched like that on any team, and especially on

    the Pats.  




    A simple google will provide plenty of "crazy conspiracy theories" like players getting screwed out of incentives.


    The NFL is a league that has no guaranteed contracts, a league in which the cliche "it's a business" is used constantly to explain away the coldness with which players are treated, and - most importantly - a league with a hard cap which is eaten into by incentives being reached.


  17. 18 minutes ago, Sternes said:


    Because what are suggesting is dumb.  Pats play to win, they aren't going to feed a guy just to get a bonus.  At the same time they aren't going to gameplan around not using him so he doesn't get a bonus.  In something as unpredictable as football, they are going to bean count his stats live?   "Hey, Tom, don't throw to Gronk the first few games even if he is open. We don't want him to get that bonus!"  You also think Brady would work with that?  Come on.  This is a ridiculous conspiracy out of your you-know-what. 


    They tried to save that money last year so hard that he still earned it.  :rolleyes:  Now, with less weapons on offense they need him more, and they are going to worry about bonus money?  Yeah, okay.






    No I don't think BB is going to tell Tom to not throw to Gronk.

    I do think it is possible that they are more likely to sit Gronk down in a non-essential game, or a blowout, even when other 1's are on the field. They even have the built-in "Gronk's injury history" excuse for sitting him. Which is what I talked about in my first post: benching. It's happened before, maybe with other teams, but it has happened with incentives.

    This strawman stuff you're trying out is so entry-level high school debate.

    I guess the easy way to "settle this" is to come back in Jan when Gronk has 79% snap count, 8 TD's and 1055 yards.


    I'm not anti-Gronk, anti-Patriot, etc, I am trying to figure out whether or not to draft the guy.


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