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  1. Care to elaborate, or just paint with the broadest brush you can find? I don't understand business? I don't think you understand how incentives work in the NFL. So this is the 3rd time I've been over this. No one think Kraft cares about money. We all know he's filthy rich. The NFL has a hard salary cap and Gronk's incentives can count up to a max 3.3 million against the 2019 cap. BB is the guy who makes personnel decisions in the offseason. Also the guy who makes on-field decisions. This is what I have been saying this whole time. All things being eq
  2. Malcolm Butler would like a word. This was literally a page ago. That was what I said, that's what I have been saying, you can try and stretch it into something ridiculous like "BB told Tom not to throw to gronk" if you want to If you think it's out of the realm of possibility to bench Gronk in a non-essentially situation to save cap space you are really drinking the koolaid. BB is the personnel guy, right? Like I said I hope gronk has 5 td's in the first few games and it's all moot, and he blows it out of the water. You guys sure
  3. I think you may have conveniently overlooked this part of the thread.
  4. SALARY CAP no one thinks robert kraft cares about 3 million dollars 3 million dollars is a possession receiver etc they won't be able to sign we've actually already been over this in great detail
  5. Again, strawman argument. I did not suggest anything ridiculous like Brady being told not to throw to Gronk, or Gronk getting benched in week 6. Hopefuly Gronk comes out with 5 TD's the first 2-3 weeks and reaching his incentives becomes inevitable. Ok. https://broncoswire.usatoday.com/2017/12/29/denver-broncos-jamaal-charles-bonus-benched/ A simple google will provide plenty of "crazy conspiracy theories" like players getting screwed out of incentives. The NFL is a league that has no guaranteed contracts, a league in which the cliche "it'
  6. No I don't think BB is going to tell Tom to not throw to Gronk. I do think it is possible that they are more likely to sit Gronk down in a non-essential game, or a blowout, even when other 1's are on the field. They even have the built-in "Gronk's injury history" excuse for sitting him. Which is what I talked about in my first post: benching. It's happened before, maybe with other teams, but it has happened with incentives. This strawman stuff you're trying out is so entry-level high school debate. I guess the easy way to "settle this" is to come back in Jan when Gronk has 79% s
  7. ah thanks. that's probably who i was thinking of. To the guy who said "it doesn't make sense" Are we going to pretend that BB & the Pats are all about "players first"?
  8. It doesn't really affect Kraft because he's not the director of personnel. Isn't BB pretty much the HC & personnel guy? So the amount of cap space directly affects his flexibility in 2019. Here is how incentives work vs the cap. Gronk's incentives this year: Gronks 2017 stats: 69 rec, 1084 yds, 8 TD. LOL so basically they set the bar as close to his prior season's stats as they could without it counting against the 2018 cap. And for each incentive he reaches, that takes 1.1 million off their 2019 cap, up to 3.3 Can we ag
  9. I vaguely remember a Patriots player about 5 years ago who had an incentive about to kick at the end of the season and the coaches blocked him by sidelining him. Am I misremembering? Do incentives affect cap space? Seems like they must. If the Pats have an incentive to cap Gronk in garbage time/end of season that's not cool. I know this is tinfoil hat stuff but I try to sniff out all the potential angles no matter what
  10. they added custom player notes to cheat sheets this year, which is HUGE because i have always had a .doc file that i would have to CTRL+F and search for a player on the fly while i was drafting so you can imagine the fun that was going on there it's a bit overkill but i have been using the manual draft assistant for my best ball slow drafts it's pretty awesome, i just do the promo every year, last year it was "deposit 10 on fanduel" year before it was DK... someone mentioned matt harmon who i am a fan of but he really whiffed on all his mart
  11. i have been using them for years and i love their draft simulator. if you have a league with custom scoring, keepers or anything else funky it's the only way you can realistically mock sorry, i dont have a gif
  12. Definitely Justin Jackson for me. If Jaylen Samuels is that good, ill have to maybe think twice about picking up Conner late wherever I can And take a closer look at Ballage
  13. I have always preferred yahoo ff to espn ff personally.
  14. I would definitely try to make some sort of trade to get AJ for DT, assuming you're not giving up the farm. DT: New QB, coming off awful year, stout defensive low scoring team, might not even lead his team in targets or rec yds...
  15. JuJu man, I may be a bit biased having drafted Mixon too high last year, but Marvin Lewis really frigging sucks man. Gio is going to eat into his touches bigly. JuJu is going to get open a ton and he is legit. Steelers could lead the league in scoring. Bengals are terrible. Not sure how their o line is this year but it was bottom 3 last year. JuJu for me
  16. I think Tyreek has the higher ceiling. Diggs is competing with Theilan for targets. Hill is competing with Watkins, and with Watkins I'm going to need to see it before I believe it. He just hasn't produced. Theilan IMO is about on the same level as Diggs. I think KC will be in a lot more shootout, high scoring games than the Vikings. Compare the defenses of the 2 teams. The Vikings are going to try to be a stout defense, ball control, kill the clock with Dalvin-centric team. I believe in Mahomes (I will be drafting him 100%) and his arm, and if the KC defense is anything like last
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