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  1. Today he looked good and the matchup was not so easy against Miami. 5 FT missed but on 15 attempts,in the 4th quarter he looked a little tired and he was trying risky plays, but the game script was negative for NO. He is growing, let him play and see
  2. Yes I will try to upgrade at center for sure. I hope that Capela and Whiteside will play good in the early weeks for upside value. About zion I choose with heart instead of mind to be honest. Thank you
  3. I don't like the centers but I like the duo Trae -Beal, great feelings about it. Probably you can improve the bench /stream guys.
  4. Super risky team but I like it. With the resting money you did some good picks up. It's all about harden and AD health...
  5. I think it's a solid team for a 12 teams league, probably you could have chosen Capela a round later (I choose him around 80) but I like the team at all!
  6. If T J Warren can repeat bubble numbers you have a great team! I am not sure for the second center (baynes or Bryant) but I like it and for a 14 teams league is for sure solid https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/834490-rate-my-team-whir/
  7. I hope he will repeat good numbers, I picked Capela too but I'm weak in that position... I prefer to choose Zion instead of drummond at 21 but maybe I was wrong, I like zion a lot.
  8. I think Giannis is #1 but behind him Luka id reasonable because I don't like harden situation and in my feelings I see AD resting a lot in this regular season. Maybe I am wrong, in my $ league I choose Luka with the #4 pick and Harden AD Giannis were the previous picks.
  9. I like the trade at 90 %... I love Tyler herro this year and I think he could be a breakout year for him! If you can hold him and change the trade it could be perfect
  10. I think that you can try to hold Gallo for some games and see... Wait and see approach, he is better in overall and Atlanta looks good this year for me
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