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  1. I'm start a third league with coworkers, we only have 8 teams and is standard H2H 9 Cats format, we have many great player floating on the waiver wire.... Gosh... Cant cut.. wonder when will yahoo make him dropable?
  2. He is hurting my team more than he brings to table, why can't I drop him? Yahoo make him on cant cut list. Why???!!!
  3. I drafted him in an auction draft and cost me as much as Jimmy Butler ($32/$200); he looks lazy out there and the conditioning wasn't great. Please stop partying so hard and right the ship soon. I've been receiving ridiculous trade offers on him. Sigh... Very disrespectful
  4. God damn bum, never drafting him again. Omg... I think I read somewhere pairing him with AD is the best strategy this year and I cant even make to playoff in our 12 player h2h league. Smfh
  5. Fu***en bum, i suspect the injury fake, if you look at the game he came back n played, the score was lopsided, maybe is the conditioning or the chemistry of the team? Man, i read some article saying the best pair for AD is this bum, god damn, let's start playing already if you're not coked out of your mind. Holy smokes, im pissed
  6. Garbage, Green is such a bum this season. They suck, yup....
  7. Besides from nursing a hamstring injury, I think Jazz is spending time to allow Mike to learn more plays, when he come back, I hope he plays better. Fingers crossed.
  8. Just when i thought JJJ turned the ship to the right direction, he immediately fouled three times within 5 mins. How is that even possible? I love his talent and huge performance last game, but man, are you dumb or something? Why would you run into defender that's ready to take charge? Why???!!!
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