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  1. Anyone else think he is criminally underrated. I am not saying he will be top 10, but I think he should easily finish to 15. He is basically free now.
  2. I ment to include Roby, thought i had him listed. Would keep 6 total if you inlcude gronk.
  3. Hi all I am in a 12 team 0.5 ppr. We had to choose our first keeper one week after the superbowl. At the time I choose Evan Engram and he is costing me my 10th round (#120). At the time Fitzgearld was rumored to be possibly retiring so I stayed away from him. That leaves me with a tough keeper choice. I can keep L. Fitzgearld for my 4th pick (#48) or Marvin Jones for my 8th (# 96) or Chris Hogan for 6th round (72) I don't have any running back to keep as I canoot keep zeke or Gurley. My 3rd and 4th running back laste year was Darkwa and Chris Thompson.
  4. You say they are costing real money? Is that auction dollars? I think kelce would have to be at least 15 dollars cheaper for me to take him over hunt. This is assuming a 200 dollar value. Hunt auction value is 21 dollars more then hunt but I am not toally sold on hunt. Thats why i am going with 15$ Straight up same cost hunt>>>>>>Kelce
  5. Diggs, but I would wait as long as I can. See how the Henery Lewis split is looking in the first 2 preseason games. especially the 3rd one.
  6. Do you have to keep 7? Only ones i would want to keep are Watson, Jones, Allen, Johnson and possibly Gronk
  7. I would take Barkley Hopkins and Kamara in that order. Don't be too shocked of D Johnson falls to 6th, I have seen it happen in quite a few mocks. If he is there I would take him over the 3 mentioned.
  8. Thielen for sure and Goodwin the only other i would consider. To take a the 2nd keeper I would assume it would cost you your 9th since both in the 10th. I honestly might only keep one. There is a decent chance Goodwin is still there in the 9th but someone else better could have fallen to there. You are looking at picks 108-120. His ADP for 0.5 ppr is 97. I would watch the preseason and see how Garcon is playing and make my decision closer to the draft. Unless your keepers are due right away
  9. Usually I don't like being on the team getting 2 players on a 2 for 1 trade. But in this case I think i prefer the mixon Diggs side. Hunt wills still be better then Mixon but I think he will improve this year while Hunt will probably do about the same. Diggs will be even better this year with cousins.
  10. Hunt in a walk. If you love Kelce that much you can probably trade hunt to the guy that drafted him and get another good player in return. Hell you could get gronk for hunt and maybe something else. You only need 1 Te but you need multiple rb.
  11. When do you have to name your keeper? I would hold out on the decision as long as I could. If by some miracle Bell signs and plays most of camp, and he is looking his usual self in camp I would take him. If he holds out I worry to much of a slow start and an injury.
  12. I agree Kamara for 1$ seems by far the best choice.
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