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  1. This could have been stated (and was) exactly a year ago. Then Henry was injured and Gated agreed to "not retire" just yet. Why give him grief for it. He did what the team asked.
  2. You see exactly the same, and worse, from plenty of players if you look for it. Shows his frustration after some plays. So what. If players could see fans on the couch, all they would see is bitching.
  3. Will again be fantasy value next season, with the potential to be even better IF Henry is healthy and his growing rapport with M Williams continues. Will also continue to be disliked IRL for some reason by some people. Humble family guy, plays with passion, loved by his teammates. Must be a jerk, right.
  4. I just hope it's not decided by suspect refereeing. But Pats play off game. Aaaand there's a flag.
  5. He's extremely talented if he literally jumps off the screen. That's a DC/Marvel movie worthy ability.
  6. T.J. Jones caught 3-of-3 targets for 40 yards in the Lions' Week 17 win over the Packers. The fifth-year pro struggled to get on the field this season despite the Lions' mid-season trade of Golden Tate. Going on 27, Jones is also headed to free agency. Poor dude also catches 2 TD's, doubling his career stats. RW fails to mention. His mom is crying into his scrapbook as we speak.
  7. Coach Dirk Koetter wouldn't rule out giving Ryan Griffin some snaps at quarterback Week 17 against the Falcons. Koetter said it on Christmas Eve and reiterated it Wednesday. "The guy's been here for three years," Koetter said. "He's worked his tail off. We just would like to see Ryan Griffin get a chance to get into a game if the opportunity presents itself." Griffin has been talked up by this coaching staff but has never appeared in a regular season game. With Jameis Winston's future also up in the air in Tampa Bay, it sounds like Griffin could get some run just to get a glance at him. Th
  8. Gotta give you credit. Allen's injury helped, but kudos.
  9. Roll with the bad guy image. They get the chicks. Do you have a 'hot' office?
  10. Yahoo do that. They leave room for the remotest of improbabilities. Aliens invading, comets, Raptures, zombie apocalypse etc
  11. I'm aware of that magic era. My point was it's one less signing to further eat into Ware's usage. Maybe I should have said better news (than West being signed)
  12. About to lose by a few points to the guy in my league who has Bobby Wagner in one of his IDP slots, who had a career game, including pick sixing Mullens for a 98 yard TD with 4 mins to go. Wagner totalled 27 points, 16 more than his previous best this season and 18 better than his average. And he only plugged him in off his bench 10 minutes before the game. I've found ways to lose this season that I never knew existed.
  13. I actually got him. Back on the roller coaster, baby.
  14. Had Ty H, Ingram, The QuanTrain, J Reed, Saints D in my lineup, scored my highest total of the season. Played a guy who also scored the highest total of HIS season (Ben, Adams, Diggs, Golladay, Chi D) Lost by 7. Good times.
  15. I thought that - about 3 switches ago. But TB front office.
  16. Are you venting or ranting? I can't decide. Either way, I don't think anyone who is 10-0 comes in here.
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