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  1. We've assigned a treasurer and used PayPal in the past with no problems. I have no problem migrating to something like Leaguesafe though if everyone else is on board. It's a snake draft and you would have the #2 overall pick. Transactions are waiver based and right now there's a cap of 150 acquisitions. The idea was to deter streaming (offensive players in particular). There's a bit more detail in this thread. I had to start a new one because I wasn't able to edit this one.
  2. Thanks for the reply (and condolences). I set the draft order this week. You would have the second overall pick. For context, the draft order (each year) is set based on the reverse order of finish for the top five teams then randomized for the bottom five teams. We do this to discourage tanking (not that it's really been a problem). For the league fee we've typically used PayPal, but I think the league would be open to exploring something like Leaguesafe. For context I think the age ranges for our owners are 38 - 60+ and payouts have never been a problem or issue over the last 10+ years
  3. I wanted to start a new thread for this one with more details. The league settings are below and cut and pasted directly from the ESPN page. Late last year one of our owners passed away in our long standing ESPN roto league. This has been a great and very active league for 10+ years and we'd like find a seasoned, active owner to replace him who would be in it for the long haul. It's a traditional roto league (10 team) which we've tweaked a bit (based on majority vote) over the years. For example, this season we've decided to switch back to Wins (from Quality Starts) as a category. A few
  4. Yes, we still have one. What's your background? How long have you been playing FLB, etc?
  5. Looking to fill a vacant slot in a long standing ESPN 10 team roto league. This is a 10+ year league with active owners that range in age from 40 - 60+. League details are below,. If you're interested reply with a few sentences about your experience and leave your email address. Thanks in advance for the interest. League Details Categories - Runs, HRs, RBIs, SB, AVG, Ks, Wins, ERA, WHIP, Saves+Holds Keepers - One (your keeper options would be Story or Harper) League Fee - It's typically been $40 per team Draft Date - March 25th @ 8pm ET Keeper/Draft Pick Trading
  6. I think it's the first five...and I think it's a pretty easy decision.
  7. - UPDATE - I just traded Betts for Soto and managed to get a few small draft pick upgrades too! DOGS trades Juan Soto, Wsh LF Overall pick number: 79 Overall pick number: 59 AINT trades Mookie Betts, LAD RF Overall pick number: 61 Overall pick number: 81
  8. I own Betts and am thinking about offering him for Soto (just to mix things up). Plus the age difference seems intriguing as well.
  9. Why not? If you're not keeping them then you might as well try to trade all three. And Bieber would definitely be an upgrade over all of them.
  10. In a one player keeper league, how would you rank these players in a roto league? And how big is the gap between them? Thanks for the help. 1) Soto 2) Betts 3) Yelich 4) Bieber
  11. I"m REALLY hoping Akers plays. That would at least clear up my FLEX situation. Then I'd just need to settle on the WRs. I should have mentioned that E.Sanders is also a FA...
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