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  1. I'm starting a new 12 team Dynasty Baseball league at CBS. It will be roto style scoring with 6 hitting and 6 pitching categories with weekly H2H match ups. The MLB players will be selected via slow auction and we will also have an 8 round Minor league draft. You can keep a player for as long as you wish but his salary will increase each season and you must keep you team under a set cap. I also have a constitution for those interested in more details. I have over 15 years experience running leagues over at CBS. The entry fee will be $70. I only have 3 spots left to fill
  2. I'll keep you posted. thanks Just trying to get 10 teams
  3. I'm gauging interest on creating a new 3 player keeper league for this season depending on interest. 10 teams with standard scoring and a $50 entry Top 2 teams receive prizes It would be a slow snake draft with a 1 hour clock. Start time and date TBD. IF I get enough interest in the next 24 hours I will proceed. I've been a commish on CBS leagues for over 15 years
  4. I'm starting a new Dynasty baseball league over at CBS with 12 teams. I have been a commish at CBS leagues for over 15 years so I have a lot of experience. I have about 6 owners in place so there's potentially another 6 openings. Only looking for active, dedicated owners. Simply reply to this post if you are interested in seeing the complete constitution but here's the basics. Weekly lineups with H2H scoring with 12 categories(6 hitting and 6 pitching) 10 player Minor league rosterRegular starting positions with MI and CI Slow Auction for MLB players with salary structure
  5. I've got 6 teams in already and I'm looking for 12 total. Here are some basics: 12 teams with H2H scoring Full PPR 6 keepers with a 3 slot practice squad for rookies 6 playoff seeds with the 6th seed being awarded by total points Any other questions let me know by reply to this post or send me an email at apots5@yahoo.ca
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