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  1. Needs to be a starter on contending team, warriors should have traded for CLARKSON not OUBRE !!!!!
  2. They a whole diff team with him as a starter they need to figure something out , I’d suggest moving one of van fleet or Lowry to the bench because they both better as primary ball handlers, and the bench needs one.....
  3. That Karl Anthony towns Trade For Turner, woods, and donavan Mitchell is looking better by the day In my big yahoo pro money league
  4. I’m Punt assist and just traded away donavan Mitchell for Sexton and nance . People were giving me crap about it but I thought it was a better trade for my team + I sent offers out to every other team and they all declined .
  5. I’ve had the worst of luck in this messes up season to boot with all these Covid cases it’s pathetic, now I have nurk out and I’m playing against my opponent Who has Kanter , can’t make this shet up man ..... you really can’t .....
  6. This dude is horrible lol can’t believe he was hyped too the moon and back
  7. Just scooped him up for $10, he’s punt assist gold imo
  8. Ahh ok ty for the info I really appreciate it. Was gonna keep him if he was getting Sg position but I have way to many sf/pf players
  9. Is he playing the Sg position by any chance with Paul and Kawhi in the lineup ?? Will yahoo give him Sg eligibility?
  10. Exactly dude doesn’t realize KAT will be back very soon, like 10-14 days soon. But hey what do I know , I’m just a Biased KAT owner
  11. Hope you took it , KAT is 2 weeks away from a return
  12. He is the the lords other brother lord papi chulo!!!!!
  13. Drop Norman Powell in a punt assist build for him?
  14. I think so brotha, Draymond back and curry heating up is going to give jelly some crazy space and receptions of straight beautiful dimes. I can see oubre averaging 18-21 with the same stats as roco
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