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  1. He will play Monday they are in a tight playoff race, I’d be shocked if he doesn’t play vs. the sixers
  2. Still shocked 😳 I got ohtani at pick 240 in my big money league as a pitcher in yahoo. Watching the game and seems like the invisibility cloak from hog warts was over his name the entire draft until my pick at 240 .........
  3. Definitely looks easy for him out there and he has awesome control too boot, can definitely see him be a top 25 pitcher rest of year
  4. Means number 1 for sure, great control for your WHIP, and gets enough strikeouts, not to mention his last 7 games dating back to last year into his game yesterday has insane numbers. his changeup is looking elite too check out the highlIghts from means in the mlb.com clip just type John means mlb in google
  5. Is this dude human??? 😳 Looks locked in and lock and loaded as a top 20 player this year, if you got him mad late like I did in the 7th round it feels like we just hit the powerball πŸ’Ž
  6. Congratulations for whom ever drafted ketel marte this year, added congrats if you got him in the 7th round like I did πŸ™
  7. Meadows looking good so far back to back nights of a HR
  8. Ummmm that changeup is straight filthy 🧐
  9. Is Trevor rothensal done for the year?
  10. There not paying a 1 year closer 11mil not to pitch on consecutive days.....
  11. Please help I’m desperate for closers too as I only have montero .... thanks πŸ™ in advance
  12. His velo below 90...... all those curveballs finally caught up to him it looks like, I mean hey everyone falls off sooner or later , look at wainwright and Bumgarner
  13. I really need a closer how much faab should I spend in a 12 team competitive money league?
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